Dell XPS 13 L321 Password/Unlock Key

We have a Dell XPS 13 L321, TAG # 2HYSCT1 that was purchased through my work (Government). At startup we get a Password/Unlock Key request with the Unlock Key Hint of 5A9270B4, but that changes if you reboot it, nobody has any idea what it is including the old user. We contact Dell and they can't seem to help because we don't know who purchased it, so they say the don't have a key for it, crazy I know! So we have tried to explain that we don't have the name of the person but it was purchased by the Government but they still can't give us a key and told us to go to Best Buy or Future Shop and for obvious reasons this laptop cannot be given to anyone outside our department.

Does anyone have any idea how to retrieve this or do we just trash it.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Where is this showing?  Is it during BIOS or Windows boot up?  Can you take a picture?
James NewportCommented:
Is it full disk encrypted? Or at hardware level? If the former I'd replace the HDD and reinstall.
Newbie0000Author Commented:
It's right when you boot up so not sure if it's for the BIOS or boot, we have also removed the battery without any luck, we will try to replace the HDD and see.

Sorry, no camera aloud in here.
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Without proof of ownership (Invoice/receipt of purchase etc), which is what Dell needs from you, you can't reset the password. You must understand that BIOS passwords are supposed to be secure and thwart thiefs. Anyone could come along and tell Dell that he bought the PC. They need this proof in order to be able to help.

If your in Governement,you should have these records somewhere, I doubt any Government would buy anything without it being kept in a record somewhere...
Newbie0000Author Commented:
Nope, don't know what department bought it or who may have registered it, there are numerous purchasing departments and it's impossible to track down who purchased it when all equipment gets sent back to one spot.
Then you have no other option than to look for a different task for the laptop, maybe you can hang it up on the wall as a poster or just use if for spare parts..
If you can get to the CMOS battery, you can try disconnecting it then reconnecting it.  On some laptops this will reset the BIOS.   I don't think this will bypass the security but it's worth a shot at this point.
Newbie0000Author Commented:
Yes we reset the battery but it didn't work, that was quite the process! lol Thanks for the help.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
If it helps one of your Depts remember:
Bought in April 2012 from Dell, Canada with 2 yr warranty expiring May 2015
If the purchasing Depts log into their accounts one of them will have the Tag or Service Code (5439919573) listed under their "My Devices" page.

Dell can unlock all of these remotely - there should be a 4 character code after the Service Tag which identifies the BIOS encryption algorithm then they just need the Service Tag and hint code.  Some of the algorithms have leaked into the public domain but most of the newer ones are internal to Dell only.

As you've discovered the key is locked in the BIOS chip NVRAM so removing the battery will make no difference.

We have the same problem as Dell, "I've got locked out of my computer" and "Help me get into this stolen computer" are two extremes of the same thread.

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Newbie0000Author Commented:
Well looks like we found some info for the purchase, thanks for the help. If we get any other info on how to resolve this I will post it.
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