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Formatting Block/Strip Size within a Virtual Environment

This is more of a general question.   I am very well aware of making sure that the blocks are aligned within VMDK files by starting at a 64 byte offset (there are loads of articles on this).  

However my question has to do with virtual disks on a vmdk file that has a 1MB/2MB/4MB block size.   When I provision new virtual machine with a data drive of 200GB, when I go to format that new volume, what should the block size be within the guest OS?  By making it 4, 16, 64K, does this have any performance impact or is this all irrelevant as block sizes within the guest OS no longer apply to a physical disk but rather a 'disk file' or vmdk file.

Which then brings up the next point, depending on where that file is located, I guess the block layout would need to be applied to all VMDK files - e.g.  SANs, NFS NAS mounted storage, etc.

Many thanks
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