Vba macro to list all the wesbites in favourites

Dear experts,

I need a VBA macro which can list all the favourite sites saveed in the menu bar (chrone, windows8.1) and in the favourites.

If pssoble this should list the title name given and the url.

A related

What is the simplest way to delete a list of 100 favourite urls saved in favourities.

IS there a way to select all at once and delete rather delete each at a time, as this will consume lot of energy and time.

Thank you
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The attached is a quick demo that imports chrome bookmarks with vba into an excel spreadsheet.

You need to manually enter the chrome directory.

Sub runme()

Dim bookdir As String
bookdir = Sheet1.Range("B1").Value

    If InStrRev(bookdir, "\", -1, vbBinaryCompare) <> Len(bookdir) Then
        bookdir = bookdir & "\"
    End If

    Dim oFSO As FileSystemObject
    Dim oFSTR As TextStream

    Set oFSO = New FileSystemObject
    Set oFSTR = oFSO.OpenTextFile(bookdir & "Bookmarks")
    SubjectString = oFSTR.ReadAll
    Dim titlestr As String, urlstr As String
    Sheet1.Range("A4", Sheet1.Cells(Sheet1.UsedRange.Rows.Count + 1, 2).Address).Clear
    Dim irow As Long
    irow = 3
    Dim myMatch As Match
    Dim myMatches As MatchCollection
    Dim myRegExp As RegExp
    Set myRegExp = New RegExp
    myRegExp.IgnoreCase = True
    myRegExp.Global = True
    myRegExp.Pattern = """name"": ""(.*)""[\w\W]*?""url"": ""(.*)"""
    Set myMatches = myRegExp.Execute(SubjectString)
    For Each myMatch In myMatches
        titlestr = myMatch.SubMatches.Item(0)
        urlstr = myMatch.SubMatches.Item(1)
        irow = irow + 1
        Sheet1.Cells(irow, 1).Value = titlestr
        Sheet1.Cells(irow, 2).Value = urlstr
        'matched text: myMatch.Value
        'match start: myMatch.FirstIndex
        'match length: myMatch.Length
        'backreference n text: myMatch.SubMatches(n-1)

End Sub

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ExcellearnerAuthor Commented:

I was away travelling.

I presumed this question would be deleted due to my negligence. But EE has been very patient with.

I will try this during the weekend and will let you know how it goes.

Thank you
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