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Exchange 2013 - How to check all mail going into a mailbox

In 2007 it was easy and I am sure it must be easy in 2013 but I can't seem to find a way to check all mail going into a mailbox.

I have checked mailflow - delivery reports -- selected the mailbox and search... All I get is mail from the person to other people.  I want to see all the messages they are getting from other people.  I just need to know mailflow is working.  The search pane results would be great if they included anything from other people.  What am I missing?

The mail I am looking to find is not from anyone in our internal infrastructure so I can't just check that mailbox.

IE  Mail box "Dave" -- How many messages has Dave received.

Thank you
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Will Szymkowski
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How can I filter to only see receive and then export?