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Why this Cisco controller doesn't work with these Cisco APs?

This is using a brand new Cisco CISCO AIR-CT2504-K9 WLC to support few Cisco AiR-AP2702i-UXK9 APs. In CT2504 WLC web console, found that all these APs failed to operate and failed to grab IP allocated from CT2504 internal DHCP. I saw the AP2702i front LED blinking green and Red, but still, at the end failed to work. The question is does these type of AP can work along with CT2504?

I heard the these AP have to be kind of "air-provisioned" or "priming", are these true? How to make them work with CT2504?

Thanks in advance.
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Or rather do a Autonomous to LWAP conversion? if so, how?
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First, a question...

What version of code do you have installed on the WLC?

The APs are Universal APs.  That means they can be used in any regulatory domain.  To get them working (assuming the version of WLC code supports the APs) you need to specify the country code.  This guide will help...
Hi both,

The front LED is blinking green, red, off, repeatedly. Attempt to do priming not possible as no SSID available to associate.
Neither can I use the console port and web console, as both do not work. I pressed the MODE button, but can't reset the config.
Please tell me what version of code is on the WLC.

Also, are APs on a VLAN attached directly to WLC or are you routing the AP subnet to the WLC?
WLC is using

APs are on the same VLAN of WLC, in fact, this is a flat switch infrastructure, with only vlan 1.
OK, you need to follow the manual provisioning instructions to get one AP configured then the rest of the APs will automatically provision.
Hi Craigbeck,

Ssid not available from that ap.
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Craig Beck
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Hi Craigbeck,

I have send back these APs to Cisco for further checking.
Thanks Craigbeck for the suggested cisco linked articles, now, all the APs can join and work perfectly.