Link Excel Spreadsheet to Word 1010 Document

Windows 7 operating system.  All MS updates current.  

I am working with Office 2010 and attempting to link an Excel spreadsheet to a Word document. This has not been a problem until now.  When I attempt to link an excel spreadsheet to a word document, all I can view in the word document is the path to the excel spreadsheet., similar to what you would see when creating a hyperlink.  No data that is contained in the spreadsheet is displayed in the word document.  However, if you go to print preview in the word document that is displaying only the path to the spreadsheet, you are able to view the data from the spreadsheet.  This is creating a problem with layout design for the word document.  I have been researching in an effort to correct the issue, but all I have found so far are instructions for locating the path of the linked spreadsheet, which in my case is actually visible in the word document itself, not hidden away somewhere in the setting/options.

I have been through as many settings as I can find in Word, like File --> Options searching for something that will resolve the problem.  I have also right clicked on the path hoping to find something similar to the 'Remove hyperlink' option.  I have not yet found anything to remove the path and display the data from the spreadsheet within the word document.  I have even tried moving the files to a new location.  Does not matter.  I have checked other word documents with a linked spreadsheet.  They are also experiencing the same behavior.

Attached are screenshots of the word document with the linked spreadsheet and the word document in print preview.
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Select the field (between {} )and press Shift-F9

EDIT Correct Shift instead of Ctrl

or right-click / Toggle Field Codes

charismatic100Author Commented:

"Select the field (between {} )and press Shift-F9", produces only the first page of the excel spreadsheet.  There are 13 pages total.

"EDIT Correct Shift instead of Ctrl", I am unclear what needs to be done.  I see no EDIT option.

"or right-click / Toggle Field Codes" right click what.  I see no Toggle Field Codes option.

is my Edit I corrected the code

Your inserted Excel will not span over mutiple pages (if you see you example it was already only one page for your "image" of excel)

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If you want to span over pages you have to paste special with link as RTF or HTML and then reformat your table
charismatic100Author Commented:
OK, I will work with this again later today.  I have a blank spreadsheet formatted specifically for this catalog that I use as a template just so that I would not have to reformat the table.  In previous years, I have been able to link the spreadsheet to the word document, make changes to the data in the spreadsheet, and have the changes to the spreadsheet reflected in the word document by clicking yes to the update request when opening the word document.  While in the word document that is linked to the spreadsheet, I am then able to insert blank pages in between the spreadsheet pages for the information that needs to be added there.  Maybe something has gotten corrupted...all previous versions of the catalog are now also exhibiting the same behavior when opened, link path in text instead of the data from their respective spreadsheets...files are all still in original locations.
charismatic100Author Commented:
So sad, the only way to get this to work and preserve the formatted column/row spacing from excel spreadsheet is to verify print area for each page in excel and then copy/paste each excel page into word as an image.  Attempting to link and then reformatting the table in Word does not preserve the column/row and text spacing format from excel.  I have been unable to design a Word table to present the excel data in a similar manner.
Also, if data changes then one must make the data changes in excel, verify print area, select the rows from the print area, copy and then paste special into word as an image. Data changes do not automatically update when you open the Word document, which was the functionality that I as searching for.
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