Veeam Version 8 Replication Issue


I just upgrade the Veeam Backup & Replication from V7 to V8 with latest update patches.

2 VM's is failed in replication, both VM's are running Win Server 2003 SP2 Standard edition, installed with latest guest integration services. The replication error as below:

9/10/2015 4:53:23 PM :: Failed to finalize guest processing. Error: Cannot copy file. Source file: [\\\ADMIN$\VeeamVssSupport\metadata\VSS\BackupComponents.xml]. Target file: [C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\253d88fa-267f-40b0-88a6-ca4dc002ca71\BackupComponents.xml].
CopyFile() failed.
Win32 error:The system cannot find the path specified.
 Code: 3

I had performed below troubleshooting but same issue still persist.

Is there any hotfix need to apply in order to rectify this issue? Please advise!
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Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
I will try to help you. I know Veeam but with VMware, I never touched to Hyper-V (in case it burns my fingers..)  ;-)

Well, a few questions first, please answer each, this could be relevant :

1) "I just upgrade the Veeam Backup & Replication from V7 to V8 with latest update patches."
So you have Veeam 8 update 2b, is that correct ?

2) what is your Veeam Server OS (Windows version, release, SP, x86 or 64) ?

3) what is your hyper-v hosts OS version ?

4) what is your guests (VM) version details  (2003 sp2, but R1 or R2, 86 or 64?) ?
How much vCPU these 2 win2003 VM have ?

Then :

5) did you have any issues following the Veeam KB you gave ? or just no issues in trying resolution but no changes too ?

6)  did you follow the guides for upgrading v7 to v8 ?
Links to see what is a fine upgrade : >>> download the release notes, page 17
Or this one, non official but great guide :
You also have youtube video on upgrading if you like that.

Most of all, do you think you have properly upgraded all components (veeam server and proxies)?

7) If you think you might need a hotfix for your hyper-v hosts, did you look at this KB, mentionned in the first KB article you gave :

8) is there other issues since upgrade ? I suppose you use veeam backup, you may have other vm replicating fine maybe, well other than these 2 win2003 ...?
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
If we have to dig in your issue all your answers to these questions will be helpful.
But, maybe we could have started by basic diagnosis on your issue :

As it is a "system cannot find path" error, do you think you changed something about path of Veeam backup files ?
Did you change the target repository ?
Did you check both path mentionned in the error, are they alive?
What is, hyper-v host, veeam server...?
Did you rescan your repository after upgrade ? (right click on it and "rescan repository")
patcheahAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late reply.

Veem support claim that this is a bug and and perform the hotfix. After that, everything is back to normal

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patcheahAuthor Commented:
The application itself has glitched and fixed by patch.
Mr TorturSystem EngineerCommented:
so there was another hotfix than the one you mention?
Which one please?
Because for now I only lost my time, I would be glad to learn something at least..
patcheahAuthor Commented:

We engage veem support, and they will remotely help you to change the registry.

i cant recalled which registry they changed.
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