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SPC Software or Template for Excel

EE Pros,

Does anyone have an Excel 2010 WB/SS that provides SPC functionality?  I've searched the Web and can find a number of examples and a number of 3rd Party Products.  Is SPC capability built into Excel 2010/13 or do you have to source the capabilities from a 3rd party?  I'm looking for a simple SPC Add-In or WS that I can play around with.

Much thanks in advance.

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Greetings Fanpages!  

SPC; Statistical Process Control

Hi B! :)

This is something I have no experience of, so I would only be using 'Google' to "help" you.

It is best I drop out of the thread so not to distract others than can assist you further.

Good luck.

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Ahhh....apologies fanpages.
Thanks for the lead.  I'll follow up.

Bright01, thanks for the points! Glad we could help. Fanpage offered the same link I did (before me actually). Just want to give credit where it's due.
Can I resubmit?

Not sure. Up at the top of the form there is a "request attention" link.