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Can ping a network printer from Server, but can't print to it

I am having issues with Remote Printing from an RDP Server (

I can ping the printer ( from the Server. I can connect to its web console from the Server. I can even connect to - and install - the printer from the Server. But nothing prints! It goes into the print queue for literally long enough to see that there is something in there, but it doesn’t come out of the printer!

I’ve installed the printer locally, direct to the IP Address and I’ve tried a couple of potential fixes, such as taking SNMP off the port, but I just can’t get the printer to actually print!

Bizarrely, printing here in the same office from the Server works fine - it's just printing to remote sites I'm having problems with! I’m stuck with where to go next?
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8/22/2022 - Mon

When connecting remotely and using Windows Remote Desktop Connection, there is a setting under More Settings, Local Resources to use a remote printer. Do you use RDP? and is that set?

"I can ping - not print"  <-- Is there a DNS issue?  Can you connect to the printer by IP address?

Sorry - when I said I can ping, I meant using the IP Address. We are using RDP Applications from the Server, but I can't even print a Test Page from the Server itself.

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If you can print locally, but not to a remote location, I would check network port settings.  By default, Windows printers use port 9100.  If the firewall at the remote location is blocking communication using that port, that could explain this behavior.

Some printers do use a different port.  You can check the port used by going into the Ports tab in the Printer's properties.  Then, click on the button for Port Properties.

Multi-port print servers, such as the old HP 3 port JetDirect, will use a different port 9100 for each parallel port on the print server:  9100, 9101 and 9102.
This is the best money I have ever spent. I cannot not tell you how many times these folks have saved my bacon. I learn so much from the contributors.

Removed all copies of faulty printer and installed fresh using the full driver and installation package (rather than just the .INF file) and it's working now. Why, I neither know, nor care!