PowerShell: Cannot find path Error

The attached script suddenly not working.  I am getting an error indicating that 'Cannot find path'.  The script was working great prior to this error.  I can open the .csv file using Notepad. I check the permissions on the folder and the file.  Full access has been granted.

Can someone advise as to what may be the issue and what troubleshooting I should consider?

review the following error:
PS C:\WinUpVer> C:\Fix\GetWmiObj08AutoWinUpV4.ps1
Get-Content : Cannot find path 'C:\WinUpVer\Updates.csv' because it does not exist.
At C:\Fix\GetWmiObj08AutoWinUpV4.ps1:1 char:13
+ $servers = (Get-Content .\Updates.csv)
+             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (C:\WinUpVer\Updates.csv:String) [Get-Conte
   nt], ItemNotFoundException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : PathNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetContentCommand



PS C:\WinUpVer>
$servers = (Get-Content .\Updates.csv)
$servers | ForEach-Object {
  $Server = $_
  "Processing $Server ... " | Write-Host -NoNewline -ForegroundColor White
  Try {
    $QFEGroups = Get-WmiObject -Class "Win32_QuickFixEngineering" -ComputerName $Server -ErrorAction Stop |
      Select-Object -Property `
        @{Name="InstalledOn"; Expression={([DateTime]($_.InstalledOn)).ToLocalTime()}} |
      Group-Object -Property Description
    $LastHotfix = ($QFEGroups | ? {$_.Name -eq "Hotfix"}).Group | Sort-Object -Property InstalledOn | Select-Object -Last 1
    $LastUpdate = ($QFEGroups | ? {$_.Name -eq "Update"}).Group | Sort-Object -Property InstalledOn | Select-Object -Last 1
    $LastSecurityUpdate = ($QFEGroups | ? {$_.Name -eq "Security Update"}).Group | Sort-Object -Property InstalledOn | Select-Object -Last 1
    "" | Select-Object -Property `
      @{Name="ComputerName"; Expression={$Server}},
      @{Name="Hotfix"; Expression={$LastHotfix.HotfixID}},
      @{Name="HF_InstalledOn"; Expression={$LastHotfix.InstalledOn}},
      @{Name="Update"; Expression={$LastUpdate.HotfixID}},
      @{Name="UP_InstalledOn"; Expression={$LastUpdate.InstalledOn}},
      @{Name="Security Update"; Expression={$LastSecurityUpdate.HotfixID}},
      @{Name="SU_InstalledOn"; Expression={$LastSecurityUpdate.InstalledOn}},
    "OK." | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Green
  } Catch {
    $_.Exception.Message | Select-Object -Property `
      @{Name="ComputerName"; Expression={$Server}},
      "Security Update",
      @{Name="Error"; Expression={$_}}
    $_.Exception.Message | Write-Host -ForegroundColor Red
} | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation -Path "C:\WinUpVer\WinUpdateVerify.csv"

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lipotechSys EngAsked:
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Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
If you can access the CSV with the full path as reported in the error message, 'C:\WinUpVer\Updates.csv', then it is indeed very strange.

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lipotechSys EngAuthor Commented:

Issue resolved. I determined it was a credentials issue.  What is odd is that I used the same credentials multiple times to execute this script and it ran successfully. Suddenly it failed to execute with the original credentials.

Question: How did you move the attached script into a code block? Not sure how I would accomplish that task.

Thank you for your response.

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