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update a sql 2012 record by changing part of the records value

I have a sql 2012 database with different types of field values in one field. I need to rename those values so they equal what the values should be for that field.


Field Name is Repository_revisions
the value in that field is ORD_DS_1111111_DATE_02.pdf

I need to change this value to ORDERS_DOCKETSHEET_1111111_DATE_02.pdf.

There is over 10,000 records that I will need to change. I am fairly new to SQL 2012 and any help will be appreciated.
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Vitor Montalvão
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I can give you the command to update that single row but need to know what's the formula to provide a massive update command:
UPDATE tableNameHere
SET Repository_revisions='ORDERS_DOCKETSHEET_1111111_DATE_02.pdf'
WHERE Repository_revisions='ORD_DS_1111111_DATE_02.pdf'

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Thanks Ste5an, works great.