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Mac Fix Corrupted Files

I have various corrupted / damaged files on my mac os x. Unfortunately my backed up files are corrupt too.

So I am really hoping there is some software out there to fix corrupt / damaged files. Any suggestions?
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The only way I can think of getting back to good files is if you are running Time Machine and you could potentially go back to a time when the files were OK.
You are going to have to take this on a case by case basis.  

What kinds of files are we talking about?  Word, Excel, pictures, etc.

If each kind of file can be recovered, it will have to be by a utility that repairs that type of file.

There isn't going to be a "silver bullet" that will fix them all in one sweep.

How did your backup files get corrupted?  Were they backed up corrupted or were you possibly hit by a virus?
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Old back up files from time machine are corrupt too.

I have a mixture of images, pdfs, indesign files, eps.

About a month ago an external hard drive wouldn't mount. I used data rescue 4 to recover files. Most were okay, but I have one folder with lots of files that I have just tried to use. All the files won't open.

Starting with PDF's. Is there a way to recover them?
If all your time machine saves are also corrupt, the only thing I can think of is to send the disk to a service like Kroll Ontrack, but unless they're really valuable, it may not be worth the cost.

While this won't fix your current issue you may want to consider multiple backups.  What I do is Time Machine and then I take my most important files - documents, etc, emails and the like and back them up to iDrive which is a cloud-based service that will keep multiple versions of documents. You could also save them off to another source like a second external disk or USB stick.
Yes I have Dropbox set up now for everything. So there is no software that can recover corrupt files?
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The other expert may be right that you may have to look for specific utilities.  However, you could try the following: make sure your files are copied elsewhere so that nothing else gets broken. In fact you may want a complete backup of the Mac, just in case. Boot your Mac from the Recovery partition like you're going to install a new copy of the OS.  When it gets booted, do NOT reinstall the OS. Instead go to the menu at the top of the screen and start Disk utility. In the utility select your disk and select to Verify disk and then when that finishes select to repair disk. This "may" fix some or all of your problems or nothing at all.

Another option that you may want to look at is Disk Warrior. It's a pay program that many users swear by, but again, it may not do anything - depending on why the files are corrupt.
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If you used Data Rescue to recover these files and they are corrupt, you have no options. Data Rescue will recover parts of files (it usually marks them with a red label) and they'll look pretty normal until you try to open them.

Sorry, but these files are just simply nonexistent in their full form because of the data recovery.
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Yeah, DiskWarrior is great but I'm guessing it's long past the point where you can use it with good results.
DW is pretty much just a directory repair tool. It does an amazing job repairing problems that other tools can't repair (and recovering files sometimes) but again, that's not your problem it seems.
Thanks for the help and advice