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Dear Experts,

I have a database which links tradesmen to trades. The link is done through a table called TradeLinks (attached) which has the following numerical fields:


I need a query which will return the TradeIDs consolidated in one cell against each TradesmanID.  The results should be separated with a forward slash or maybe a colon

e.g. (numbers picked at random!)

TradesmanID       Trades
1                               1/5/77/86/140
2                               6/20/92/140/163/226
3                               25/36/38/112
4                               36/50/64/138/140
5                               50/101/126/139
6                               151/190/200/241

The data stats are as follows: There are 25,000 odd tradesmen and 200 trades.  The maximum number of TradeIDs against any TradesmanID is 12. I have attached an Excel export of the table if it helps

Can anybody help
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You can use Patrick Mattews DCONCAT function:
Look at sample with your data.

You should know, that such queries will be very slow, because each line of result will pass all table

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correlateAuthor Commented:
Unbelievably brilliant - thank you so much, works a treat!
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