vpn tracert

at work we have win7 enterprise computers. so some of our users have taken our computers home and use a Cisco VPN connection to connect to our network.
I have a use who can connect with the VPN, and most things like outlook, and things like that work. However, there is an website for PeopleSoft that IE says, can't display page.
At a command prompt, I tried tracert and it timed out on the third hop.
I think I don't completely understand the whole tracert thing, and thought this would be a good opportunity to learn. My theory on how to fix this would be to find a different route for her PC. I think this is possible because, on a computer at my office, I tried a tracert and I think some of the hops were different than the user with the vpn.
So would it be possible to add some persistent routes in her routing table? if so, would it make sense to use the successful routes that my office PC had? or would that not work because, just because my office PC has these routes, doesn't mean that she would have routes to the same routers?
I would assume that she doesn't have a path to the same routers as my office PC, so would there be a way to find an alternate path to the PeopleSoft site?
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It sounds to me like there's a split VPN - which is pretty normal and fine.
It means that the user/client gets internet access locally and not through the VPN.
If the Peoplesoft arrangement somehow requires internet access as it appears then the question would be how that's supposed to work.

I can imagine running an app over the VPN which presents web links and when those links are used, there's no internet access.

A workaround *may* be to copy the link and then open it locally.  But then application integration may break.  There's not enough information for me to go further.

One approach would be to *not* use a split VPN and to assure that the clients can get internet access through the main site.  This should be easy enough to set up and test.
This will mean that as long as the VPN is up there will be no internet access except through the main site.  So then the client has the option of opening the VPN or not re: internet access.

The routing tables on the remote router should not affect things as the VPN tunnel is encrypted and the routing information in packets are generally invisible.

Run a tracert from the main site to some public site.  Preferably one of those Peoplesoft links if my assumptions are correct.  This will tell you the "normal" path.
Then look at the tracert run from the remote site.  It will stop at the last accessible router/hop.  The NEXT one on the first list is not being reached.  You might share these so we could form a better idea.

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Benjamin Van DitmarsSr Network EngineerCommented:
Sounds like a dns problem, can the user access the service using the ip address and see if this works. else please post youre configuration and the internal address and vlan of the location of the webserver.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you for the help
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