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Is it possible to install VDP on a production ISCSI storage and provision the backup store on external NFS storage setup just for backup. I do not want VDP to eat my production datastore for backup, however , I would certainly want install it on a thick provisioned faster disk and setup datastore on NFS (thick if it allows on NFS or probably thin if it does not accept in NFS datastore without Hardware acceleration
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Yes, that's how we deploy it. (The actual VDP appliance on iSCSI), and then the other disks, which contain the repo, are on NFS datastore.

Provided that the NFS provisioned storage is fas enough and meets the minimum performance criteria that VDP expects.


I have two 10 G network in my existing vswitch which I am using by assigning vmport from same vswitch. I do have some 1 gb available on physical server. Do you recommend using different 1gb for for vdp? or it should be fine to use from existing vswitch.

I am using one separate 1 GB vswitch for languardian monitoring. I was thinking about using similar vswitch for VDP, if it is a recommended practice to have separate vswitch for VDP.

What type of backup is more efficient for exchange -
I am doing disk level backup for vmdk1 and vmdk2 instead of image level and exchange application backup to backup database instead of disk level backup for third (vmdk3)  that holds log and db.
vmdk1 holds OS and vmdk2 has exchange installation

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