SuperScopes and connection issues

We have a Superscope which has two scopes, and, both have options configured the same for Route, DNS servers and DNS Domain names.

My issue is if my computer is on the 100 scope I can ping, RDP to all my servers by IP or name.  If I have a 101 IP I can ping some servers on the 100 scope but not all.  Its totally random and it doesn't matter if I try to ping by IP, Name or FQDN, I am unable to get a reply but I can RDP to the server on the 101 subnet if I use the servername.domain.local.   FYI I am unable to ping my computer (with a 101.x) IP from the server with the 100.x IP.

I have checked the DNS entry, everything looks good there, check the local nic settings on the server and nothing jumped out.  The servers are on the same switch.  When I do a nslookup, it show the correct server name and IP for DNS on my computer.

Any suggestions or thought would be appreciated.
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What's your subnet mask?  Does the router have the same subnet mask on its interface?  Do all machines on this VLAN have the same subnet mask even if their IP address is statically configured?
JDS42Author Commented:
SM is for both of my scopes and yes all the servers/computers have the same subnet mask (

From my computer with IP 192.168.101.x/ /DG192.168.101.254 & I can ping my server but cant ping server  Bother server have the same configs on the NIC port.  If my computer has an IP 192.168.100.x is can ping both servers just fine.  There are around 6 servers I cannot ping while 5 I can access just fine on the 101.x.

When I try to RDP to a server that I cannot ping while having the 192.168.101.x ip, I can RDP to these servers if I use the FQDN.  Put pinging even with the FQDN doesn't get a response in the command windows.

Thanks - John
OK, it sounds like you have two IP subnets sharing the same VLAN.  

To make sure the two subnets communicate reliably, you either need to modify your subnet mask to something like, or put a router between the two subnets.

Do you have a router or layer 3 device that has a 192.168.100.x and a 192.168.101.x address?
JDS42Author Commented:
Thanks for the info but I finally figured it out, it was my antivirus firewall blocking all traffic other than the 192.168.100.x.  Some of the server OS had MS firewall which allowed all traffic while the antivirus firewall was block my 192.168.101.x traffic.

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JDS42Author Commented:
Figured out it was a firewall issue on the servers, adding a rule for my other subnet allowed access
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