Tools / freeware that could list content of folders with million over files faster than Win Explorer : Hadoop's speed

When we used Windows Explorer to list content (ie files list) of a folder that
contains more than a million files, it can take half an hour or more on a 2
vCPU  Win2008 R2 server  (with 4GB RAM).

What are the freeware tools out there that could substitute Win Explorer &
yet list out the contents much faster?  (In the old days, I recall we have Norton
Commander that could list contents of a folder)

Possibly something like Hadoop on Linux which archive & index records &
enable very fast retrieval of search results for Windows ???

If the folder is covered by a realtime Antivirus scan, does this affect the amount
time Windows Explorer reads/lists the content of this folder?  I always thought tt
realtime AV scan only scan for updates/changes/new files/modifications to files

Will placing the files on say SSD vs on Fibre disk vs on SATA disk make any
difference in the time it takes to list the content of such a folder holding a
million over files?  Or it's just the number of CPU power & RAM that matters?
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Guru JiCommented:
Hi, As per your questions please see answers below


I use a tool called Treesize. It works beautiful and gives you ton's of information. They have a Free version and a pro version but Free version is a great replacement for Windows explorer.

Moreover there is also a FREE Open source Windows explorer replacement which is very lightweight and faster, you can try this too. It is called CubicExplorer.


Not sure if your Antivirus is scanning the folder everytime you opening, to make sure when you open the folder and if its taking long then run your Process Monitor and see if Antivirus activity is at peak level or is it something else. Moreover you can try excluding the folder from your Antivirus if you want if that's the reason of slowness.


SSD drive will make day/night difference. The SSDs have 100 times greater performance, almost instantaneous data access, quicker boot ups, faster file transfers, and an overall snappier computing experience than hard drives. HDDs can only access the data faster the closer it is from the read write heads, while all parts of the SSD can be accessed at once.

Hope that helps.

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sunhuxAuthor Commented:

Between Treesize, CubicExplorer, which is faster?

Did you find the above tools load/lists several times faster than Win Explorer?
I could try them on the server but before that I'll need a Change Request
approval which will take a while
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Found MultiCommander, FreeCommander as well.

Which of them chews the least resource & which lists out folder contents the fastest?
Guru JiCommented:
I have used both and found cubic explore faster but we went with Rreesize professional because it shows lots of other information which normal explorer doesn't show in a very neat and tidy way. We tried free version first and then we upgraded to professional. Again try with Cubic explorer first as its completely free because of open source.
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