ADSL line interfering with chip&pin card reader

A business I'm working at has an ADSL line and chip&pin card reader for financial transactions. I have micro-filter (that came with the ADSL modem/router) between them but there is still interference, to the point where,  the ADSL stops the card reader dialling out.
Can anyone suggest a better micro-filter between the units or is a completely separate analogue telephone line needed.?  
Many thanks in advance
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Can you plug in a phone behind the micro filter where the chip&pin card reader is to make sure there is no audible interference on the line? Crackling, screeching? Place an outgoing call to confirm the same.

The adsl is impacted by any unfiltered device connected to the phone lines, not the other way around. If the micro filter is faulty, the adsl will drop be one unstable. Are the two connections near by or one is in a different location.

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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
Typically you have a filter that has one port for the DSL and another for the phones which would normally include anything with a modem that dials out.  They look like this.
ADSL filterHowever all the phones or devices on that line need the individual filters.
matedwardsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys..

I have plugged a telephone in and there is audible interference despite using a micro-filter like the one in your photo, Dave.

When the card reader and ADSL are plugged in the ADSL works fine.. but the card reader blinks red every time a transaction is attempted. So it appears the ADSL is effecting the card reader's analogue line.    

Are there different grades of micro-filter.?

ie one that is more 'industrial' in strength..?
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
ADSL is too high in frequency for you to hear it as audible interference.  After a little research, the lowest frequency used by even an old ADSL setup is going to be 25KHz.  The only way you will hear that is if there is a bad connection somewhere in the circuit with the possibility that the signal is getting rectified which could put it into the audible band.

In other words, if you can hear it, no filter is going to fix it.  There's some other problem going on.

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James NewportCommented:
You need to log a call with your phone provider who will run a line test to detect if there is any noise on the line. I think BT even has an automated service to do this.
Usually, any noise on the line would often mean the adsl connection will be impacted as well.

If you can tolerate the adsl drop, connect the phone without the filter to make sure it's not a blown filter that is the issue.

If you can get into the adsl modem to look at stats and information level, see whatit reports on the stability of the connection/circuit.
matedwardsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.. tried a different micro-filter and had same  problem.. unfortunately the ADSL modem is just a domestic Netgear with no real line status or info..

Service provider is now looking in to a fault on the line..

Many thanks for all suggestions
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