Back-up solution

our company doesn't have good back up system - sorry we don't have any back up system
I would like to find out if they are any solution that I can get
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Luis MouraCommented:
Well you have a lot of them.
My company use this 2

Symantec Backup Exec ( backup to tape or disk)

Virtual infra Veeam its free
Comman77Author Commented:
thank you
Luis MouraCommented:
You are welcome, hope can help.
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Every operating system comes with a rudimentary backup system which will perform backups they have limited reporting capabilities/scheduling capabilities/storage capabilities and no centralized management. There are hundreds of third party backup solutions on the market choosing one that is appropriate for your organization greatly depends upon  the total amount of data that is to be backed up, the amount of new data per day, how long to keep the backups, how much data can you lose ( 1 second/1 minute/1 hour/1 day/1 week and still function as a business. There also is how you classify your data (critical, must have, should have, and nice to have).  You also have to classify how  long can you be down.. what elements are needed and the priority of returning them to operation from a barely functioning level to back to full operation.

You also have to consider what you are backing up to .. disk/tape/optical media/cloud.. onsite backup storage and offsite backup storage.

At minimum you should have 3 copies of everything. using 2 different types of media, and have 1 copy offsite.  Having 1 backup is virtually the same as having no backup at all.  Also not testing a restore situation is the same as having no backup.  Remember that RAID is not an alternative to a backup solution. Data gets corrupted either by mechanical fault, employee error, malicious users, and malicious software.

All software comes with a price from 'free' to extremely expensive and the more options the software has and the more capabilities comes more complexity in setting it up and maintaining it.. Some software is easy to initially setup but requires extensive training to utilize effectively. Other software is extremely good but with options that are set on installation/first configuration that must be done right the first time as they can't be changed in the future without a tear down and re-installation, other software is changeable on the fly.  

There also is the backup type . Full/Differential/Incremental
Full is everything at a point in time, it takes the most time and uses the most backup storage capacity.
Differential is everything since the last full backup (medium speed but you only have to restore 2 copies the last full and the last differential.
Incremental is the fastest and uses the least amount of resources. restoring requires the last full and every incremental since then in order of backup date
sample scenario 12TB of total data, 50 GB of new/changed data per day
 each full backup requires 15TB of free space for each backup and takes 25 hours to complete so you can't do a full backup every day. but you can do it on the weekend, in a typical office environment
A differential backup will backup 50GB on Monday, 100GB on Tuesday and so forth
An incremental backup will backup 50GB per day.
Lets say on Wednesday you have to do a restore, you restore from the last full backup now with a differential you only have to restore the last differential but with an incremental you have to restore the full + Mondays + Tuesdays (in that order)

My suggestion for you since you seem to have been put in charge of this with no prior training is to hire a consultant to put your house in order, you will learn by watching and by asking questions on every decision point you may not understand the answer now. but while you attend training at night or through online training (trainsignal/, or even to get these skills yourself.
Comman77Author Commented:
I created  back up system I am here to get information on different specifications

I am using I cloud to back up clients information as well Mataki Cisco I cloud  system
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Mataki Cisco I cloud  system

Never heard of this.. do you have a webpage url to share?
madunix (Fadi SODAH)Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
Windows Backup Tool
Veritas Backup Software
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

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