Ipod Nano Bluetooth driver for windows 7

I have just purchased an IPOD:
MKMV2QB/A Ipod Nano Model A1446
Software version 1.1.1

I have installed ITunes on my windows 7 64 bit PC and connected using a USB port to the IPOD Nano without any problems.
I have paired the device using Bluetooth and the device is shown in the Bluetooth devices as shown in the following screen-shot.
The device does not connect however and reports that no driver is installed as shown in the second screen shot.
Following the instructions to "Apply the fix" the system searches the internet for the required driver and fails as shown in the third screen-shot.
The ITunes program from Apple is  iTunes6464Setup.exe and is up to date.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the Windows 7 Bluetooth or otherwise solve this problem /

Screen-shot AScreen-shot BScreen-shot C
Roger AlcindorAsked:
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lets do a drill down through possible causes.
Windows 7 should be thoroughly updated  to ensure that it has all of the latest device drivers and updates issued .
Look in Control panel or type Windows Updates in your search
 follow the prompts to check for and download all updates.
After updating Windows, reboot and see if can connect to your Bluetooth device.

Windows 7 Control Panel has two sections that may be useful in troubleshooting the computer's Bluetooth adapter and any Bluetooth device.
 open the Device Manager can also r/click computer >properties, look for your Bluetooth adapter. If it's built into your computer, it should be listed under Network Adapters. If it's attached via a USB port, look it under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
Right-click the adapter and choose Properties.
From here, click the Drivers tab and click Update Driver to update the adapter's driver.
Once it's updated, reboot and try to connect to the Bluetooth peripheral device.
In device manager..
Go to the top VIEW and tick to show hidden devices. this will show any problem devices. yellow question marks or duplicates..that were hidden. Remove both if duplicates, uninstall any problem devices and update yellow question marks.
If it still doesn't connect, go back into the Device Manager and see if your Bluetooth device is listed.
double-click it, choose Drivers, and click the Update Driver button as you did with the adapter.
Reboot and attempt to connect the Bluetooth device.

 Windows 7 may or may not display it. If the Bluetooth device appears, right click it and choose Bluetooth Settings.
Click on the Options tab and make sure that the box next to "Allow Bluetooth devices to discover this computer" is checked.

Another possibility is that the Bluetooth Support Service might not be running.
Go to Start and type services.msc into the Search bar. click on the services wait a moment, scroll down to B >and note the entry labeled Bluetooth Support Service and see if it is started or stopped. If it does not display "started" in the Status section, double-click it and click Start.
Make sure that this service is set to start automatically and then exit out of the dialog box and out of Services.

Try these steps as well
Windows 7 64-Bit Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Error, iPhone Driver Issue

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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
What is your purpose for using the Bluetooth?
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
My reason for using Bluetooth is to listen to music from the IPOD Nano on my PC speakers and possibly transfer photos and music from my PC to the iPOD nano.
I have checked out all of the comment by Merete but to no avail.
I have just set up a Bluetooth connection to my Nokia Lumina mobile phone and can connect to that so the issue is that there is no driver to be found.
I am up to date with windows updates and ITunes. I have no problem with connecting to the IPOD Nano using USB.
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Bluetooth for iDevice works very different from other non-iDevices and do not expect to do what you want.

For example, it is not possible to transfer a file from an iDevice to a non-iDevice using Bluetooth although it seems that both devices can be connected.

The main reason is that the design of iOS is having the highest secuirty standard which makes the bluetooth connection to have any practical use.
Not to take away anything from Jackie Man's excellent comment
alcindor you could buy a docking station that syncs with Itunes and your PC
Like this one ( good Feedback) Look for more!!
Pyle PIPADK2 Universal iPod/iPad/iPhone Docking Station for Audio and Video Output Charging Sync with iTunes and Remote Control
Dock Station With Remote - Remote Control System
Includes Audio and Charging Cables
Listen To Your Music On Your Home Stereo System
Synchronize With iTunes On Your Personal Computer
Stereo Audio Out
Voltage: 100-240

You can use iTunes on your computer to directly transfer documents between your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and your computer. This is useful for transferring documents when you aren’t using iCloud.
How to>>Transfer a document from your computer
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment but I can use ITunes and a USB cable to the Ipod.
I have the same Bluetooth problem on a pair of Beats Bluetooth headphones, the device is added to the Bluetooth devices as shown in the screen-shot below but there is no subsequent audio device that I can use to listen to music from my PC on the wireless headphones.
My PC is a Dell M6600 workstation. I have tried the same on another VMware virtual machine (also windows 7 64bit) and get exactly the same results. I have updated the Dell Audio device drivers but to no avail.
By the way, the Bluetooth headphones work fine on the IPod Nano.

Beats Headphones Bluetooth device added
Those Two  devices  maybe using an internal wireless and so would have paired automatically, the headset needs to paired with an bluetooth transmitter /receiver that way you can play music from your PC speakers to your BT headphones
This is the one I bought  and tested mini BT transmitter
Plug it into your speakers if they have front line jack then turn on the head phones and press the button on BT dongle till it blinks you'll hear it in your headphones a voice saying it now paired  tuned in.
I can play music on my PC  to my PC speakers to the headphones
Stereo Bluetooth Dongle, Bluetooth Audio Adapter for iPod MP3 PC iPad iPhone .avi
Bluetooth® Audio Dongle With Transmit/Receiver
Enables your audio device to transmit or receive wireless stereo audio. If your mobile phone or MP3 player lacks Bluetooth® functionality, just plug your device into this transmitter/receiver with a standard 3.5mm audio lead and you'll have wireless audio capability. Alternatively, if your speaker or headphone lacks Bluetooth® functionality but your phone or MP3 player does this will also allow you to turn the speaker into a wireless Bluetooth® speaker. Supplied with 100mm 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo lead, and 1.2m USB charging lead.
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
Problem remains unsolved
That's no good.
Lets see if we can resolve it, not sure what your problem is alcindor
You want to play the music from your ipod through the PC speakers right?
As you said here> I can use ITunes and a USB cable to the Ipod.
Once Itunes or even windows media player syncs with your ipod can you play them?
 when you play through Itunes or WMP you should be able to hear it in the PC speakers
Yes no?
Roger AlcindorAuthor Commented:
Using ITunes I can play the Ipod I can hear the music through my PC speakers.
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