When internet explorer is opened as a restricted user , they ger a different web page rather that the Home page -Google

We have Windows 2012 DC and windows 7 workstation. In our  Active Directory we have and OU called workstations, within that OU  we have a sub OU called Curriculum and again within this OU there is another OU called ICT4.

There are 20 PCs within this OU and when I login as a staff into these PC the internet opens fine, At the same time when a student logs in, I get the webpage displayed as shown in the attached snapshot. I am not sure how this page is opening rather than Google. We have a IE10 GPO and have set Google as the home page for the students.

There were few GPO attached to the ICT4 OU and I removed all the GPO and I did a gpupdate /force and still get the same error.

There are ICT 1, ICT2, ICT3 OUs within Curriculum OU and within each OU there are 30 PCs .
When I login as a student on any of the PCs within these OUs (ICT 1, ICT2, ICT3) google home page loads successfully.

To test  I moved a PC (ICT1-PC2)  from ICT1 OU to ICT4  and did a GP update  on the DC and ICT1-PC2 and the internet works fine on this PC.

So not sure what is happening on other 20 PCs located within ICT4 OU.
Please suggest how to trouble shoot this problem. Any help much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
What happens when you move a computer from ICT4 to the OU that the other three are working?
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Also can you post a screenshot of your OU hierarchy as well as the GPO screenshots
lianne143Author Commented:
When I move a PC from ICT 4 to the working OU , still I keep getting the same error page rather than google.
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The issue seems to be that you have users configured for a proxy, or a mechanism that tests whether the requested URL is authorized.

Check if the user Internet LAN settings point to a proxy. Check whether content paramtal ...

Can you fix the issue reflected in the error and see what happens.

Was the web server referenced in the error recently updated/upgraded replaced?
lianne143Author Commented:
We have our web server hosted externally. I have seen this error page displayed  randomly on our network, when people accessing web sites . In this situation I have added the websites on the allow list on the filtering system and it was ok. From last few days all of sudden this error page is happening only on the PC located in ICT4 OU.
Based on the document being accessed, blockpage.asp suggests that this is being queried to determine whether the URL access attempt is or is not authorized, presumably awaiting a response, tge issue though on that site, that page or the path to that page is no longer available which returns an error from the attempt, and tge mechanism receiving the error displays for the user.

This is either enforced by GPO internet explorer settings for members of this OU, or it is enforced on the switches/router using a transparent proxy.

From the information you provided all I can do is guess.

Try and get chrome as the user and run it and see if you get a similar result, if you do, that would suggest that the issue is with a transparent proxy.

The other option, do you have to the data where the hosted  site is and whether you can check if the blockpage.asp is there and determine what it is and what it is supposed to do.
lianne143Author Commented:
We do have proxy server and tried changing the proxy another new proxy server , still the same error page,

School.united.sch.uk  is our school website(Not correct URL for security reasons)
The URL with the error message is what the user should see when the site they are requesting is blocked.
Looking at the masqueraded URL and the path
The proxy redirects the request and trying to get content that will tell the user that the search engine http://www.google.co.uk is blocked.

Does the proxy/new proxy include content filtering such as dansguardian or squidguard, bess proxy (they were bought, but can not recall the new name).  In either it seems that Google.co.uk is being blocked.  Check the proxy's logs. Check the content filters configuration to possibly whitelist www.google.co.uk and Google.co.uk and see if that removes this error for this site.  Try any site you know would be blocked by the proxy/content filter and you should see a similar error with the requested changing based on the type of URL you were trying to go to.
lianne143Author Commented:
I tried with chrome and still the same error page. It is surprising , that only PCs on this OU have this issue and as per yo_bee  when the same PC is moved to a working OU the same error message.
Your proxy is enforcing the rules based on the user .....
Check the proxy server to see what rules are applied and the basis on which the rules are applied.

Proxy server could determine based on ip, ad/ldap query to which OU tge computer is, or using ntlm get the username, ..... There are many ways to pass information I.e. Upon login, a user script can populate data into a db relied upon by a proxy server's helper program .....

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