Spinning beach ball and very slow MacBook pro

My 2011 MacBook Pro has started running painfully slow and I keep getting the spinning beach ball.
I have done everything to fix it to no avail:
Run disk utility
Reset smc
Reset nvram
Run Apple hardware test extended - no problems found
Reinstalled the OS

Don't know what else to do!!!!
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James NewportCommented:
Are you on 10.10.5?
If you have a normal HDD and not a SSD, the HDD must be the problem and you need to replace it. The spinning disks, as long as time passes, can get in this latency to access the information. No errors occurs, but the hole system is running slowly and the HDD is usually the only problem.
BazzieAuthor Commented:
Yes 10.10.5 with normal hdd
The weird thing is my sister MacBook started doing the same thing at exactly the same time!
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If the MacOS and all applications are having the latest updates, it can be an application which is consuming some resources. Check this with Activity Monitor. Also try to remember if you've installed some application at that moment.

On the other hand, how did you reinstall the MacOS?

I had an issue, with Mavericks, when restoring from Time Machine after clean install, computer had the same latency. But reinstalling MacOS from Recovery HD Partition and then copy only the necessary documents, solved the problem!
BazzieAuthor Commented:
I reinstalled the of through recovery over the Internet.
Activity monitor isn't flagging anything up.
The only things That I have installed on both macs are clean my Mac 3 and kaspersky 2015. Could it be one if these apps that is causing the problems?!
So you ran Repair Disk using Disk Utility and it showed the disk as being repaired?

Did you also check the S.M.A.R.T. status in Disk Utility? Did it show as verified?

How big is your hard drive and how much free disk space do you have.

Open Activity Monitor and sort by %CPU. Does it show which application is eating up CPU time when the spinning wheel occurs?

Also open Console and see if error messages are being generated when the spinning wheel occurs.
BazzieAuthor Commented:
No problems found after running verify and disk repair.
When clicking on the top Mac HD icon in DU it's showing the disk status as online??? Type is logical volume group.  Is that right? I'm sure it didn't say that before?
I have a 500gb he but it's showing 19mb available, when I click on HD icon below it shows the correct available space as 287 gb
Justin BradshawOwnerCommented:
If you actually only have 19mb available then that's the problem.

Or your hard drive is failing. One or the other.

I would clean out the extra stuff from the HDD, check activity monitor as mentioned and consider upgrading your RAM and maybe the HDD to an SSD

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Matthew ParsonsDirectorCommented:
Sounds you might have a known issue. Have you had any graphics issues at all? Overheating issues?

I've got a MacBook Pro early 2011, went slow over night, exactly the same issues and on a few occasions I had some graphic issues and distortion. Looked online and apple have a recall problem for the issue and will replace the logic board at no cost.

Give Apple a call, give them the details of your Mac and they can book you in to a local Apple Store to run some tests, won't cost a thing. Hopefully it will get it all sorted.

All the best Matt
Baize, could you please post screen shots of the DU windows you refer to in your earlier message?
Also, try turning off Kaspersky.
James NewportCommented:
Have you tried a new user account?
The Disk Utility should be correct.  When click on the Disk you show the partition slices, it will show only 19 MB available for partitioning.  That is not the free space available for files, but the free space available for partitioning.  When you click on the Partition, it correctly showed the Free space available for your files.

Kaspersky should be turned off to test it.

You can also boot into safe mode to see if you have problems with drivers.  Hold the shift key when you boot.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
MacBook Pros have a known possible problem with the HD cable. Symptoms are varied - errors in Disk Utility when viewing the internal hard drive, errors in Diskwarrior when repairing directory on the internal hard drive, errors in displaying partition type.
I have replaced four cables in the past 9 months.
Removing the internal hard drive, attaching it with an adapter cable or external enclosure can help diagnose the cable as the source of the problem.
iFixit.com has directions for hd removal and carry the replacement hd cable $40 to $50
Hi Kyle,

Thank you for your good work in clearing out numerous really old questions that many past cleanup volunteers keep ignoring.

I'm not sure why all the points are assigned to maccog, since there are several comments prior to that that lead to that premise.  Without a definitive reply, you can't even be sure that's the reason.  There are other possible reasons for that spinning beach ball.  The question should either be deleted, or you should allocate points more fairly to the other respondents.
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