Best testing tool

what is the best website testing tool ?
can use it to perform all testing types:
UX (user Experience),
And performance testing
we are working php using laravel ....web-based applications, and e-commerce applications
want to know your experience about that, any tool paid or free ..

Thanks so much
Ramy MohsenAsked:
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You ask for the "best"

There are also many free testing tools listed here:
There are lots of good tools for performance and optimizing, and Michael-Best  mentioned some good links. However, the best tool for UX and usability testing will always be human beings. A tool might give some tips, but it cannot tell you WHY something isn't very usable.

Honestly, your best bet for those two things is to get a good book or two from Amazon on the topic of usability (Jakob Nielsen is a good author in this area), read through them to understand good principles, and see if they apply.

Alternatively, you can try to hire a consultant to give you feedback, but if you don't know any better yourself, then you might just be throwing money away on some person who thinks that usability is the same thing as good aesthetics and design. A GOOD usability consultant is going to cost you a lot of money, and it's ALWAYS better to actually understand the principles yourself, since it will benefit you in many different ways.

In a similar fashion, accessibility tools might help you find problems, but the tools and tests really need to be executed by a human being who understands how the site SHOULD work so they can compare and see if it actually works as designed. For example, JAWS might read you all the content on the site, but you need to actually hear it and compare it to the -intended- content to see if the visually-impaired are missing any messages (like an announcement that is presented as text inside of an image).
Also, don't try to look for one tool to do everything for you. The swiss army knife is a great example of a tool that can do a lot of things, but you NEVER see a professional using a swiss army knife as a normal tool in his or her work. Sure, it might have a screwdriver, but if screws are an important part of your work, then you buy a more powerful tool that is dedicated to that purpose because it will do that job better in EVERY way.

Believe me, I work for a very large, well-known IT company and we sell products that can do a LOT of things, but when our customers try to make one product do EVERYTHING for them, then they usually end up in a bad place later on.

So use a separate tool for tracking bugs (there are a ton of these out there - try Basecamp).

Use a separate tool for penetration testing (e.g. Paros or Burp are good free tools).

Use a separate tool for visitor tracking (e.g. Google Analytics is free...).

Use a separate tool for tracking functional testing (and, depending on your product's capabilities, you could use it to perform the functional testing, too, but nothing replaces a human being here).

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Naomi GoldbergCommented:
You can see top functional testing tools evaluated by real users on IT Central Station here

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You can read her full review here:
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