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Server 2012 DNS Server

     I have a small network set up using Windows Server 2012. I have a Comcast Business Internet connection. The ISP comes into a wireless Linksys router which is currently handling the DHCP. I have one physical server and 2 Hyper-V server 2012 set up. One of the vm machines is my DC. I have assigned static ips to all machines. I had some trouble getting the other two machines to join the domain until I pointed them to the DC for DNS. This cleared up that issue but then none of the machines could get to the internet until I put a secondary DNS entry to a public DNS server. What am I missing here? Shouldn't the DNS run through the DC and resolve names to the internet?

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Shamil Mohamed

make sure dns forwarding is enabled in dns public dns servers.. I am not an expert.. just a suggestion for tra and error method..

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That is correct that the DC should be used for DNS. Did you configure any DNS forwarders on the DC?
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DNS forwarders? No, I am not familiar.
The purpose of them is for when your DC cannot locate a resource internally, to forward the request to outside DNS servers and see if results come along.

Here's a link with how to do it:
You only need to follow the section called "To configure a DNS server to use forwarders using the Windows interface"

You could use Comcast's DNS servers, but I tend to prefer Google's ( and
Isn't this essentially what I am doing by using the as a secondary? Or, if I do that way I would be required to add the secondary on each machine as I add them to the domain?
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