IBM Storwize v3700 Adding new SAS Disks to existing environment

Hello team,

My V3700 SAN Controller consists of 18 (Active)+ 1 (Standby) SAS Disks attached, each with 600GB with Raid5. They are grouped into 3 MDisks (2.73TB each) with 6 Disks mapped to each MDisks. Further set to 1 Pool split again to two volumes for UAT (2.80 TB) and Production (5.31 TB). These Two volumes are made available for 8 Fiber Channel Hosts. I have VMware running in which I have two datastore where these volumes are mapped.  I am now planning to expand my environment with an additional 5 more SAS Disks of 600GB in size which I need to make available for existing two volumes. Than tampering existing Raid I am thinking of creating 4th MDisk to which all 5 Disks need to be mapped to and then follow the same chain.

Please advise how can I do this.
Vinod BalakrishnanAsked:
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Usually, raid volumes are expandable by adding a disk and then, though you are taking a risk of issues arising during the expansion. Raid 5 has a diminishing position in an environment where storage costs are declining as it has a tolerance for a single point if failure as well as having a significant performance hit during that period as well as having a long period for recovery..

Do you have an option to add the new set as its own and shift some VMS from one data store to this one freeing up the space in the existing stores for the remaining VMS?
Vinod BalakrishnanAuthor Commented:
Sorry arnold. I guess I confused you. I agree to your point, editing existing raid considering this scenario might break more than fixing. I am planning to create a separate group containing the new 5 disks on Raid 5. I wouldn't be modifying existing running structure.

 Let me share with you my current structure for your better understanding.
With the new, you will end up with 4 mdisks, 1 pool ......

You should have more than just one hot spare.  The issue, a hot spare while not being used no wear and tear on the head motor, is still spinning........
Disk stats, age, the longer there is more and more probability of a disk failure.

I am uncertain, what is being asked following your adjustment to add the new ones as an additional data store.
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Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
I am planning to create a separate group containing the new 5 disks on Raid 5

You can add the new ones to the existing pool and make it as a new  mdisk and then you could create a new LUN out of it.

Also you could create a new pool>mdisk>LUN too.

Now it is your choice to add more hot spare or live with the existing one.

I do not configure RAID5 in any of my storage, rather I go for with RAID10 with more than one hot spare.


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Vinod BalakrishnanAuthor Commented:
Hi Zac,

All my existing disks are on Raid5 so would it be a good idea to make the new one on Raid 10?

Would you mind sharing the steps to be performed to complete the configuration after inserting the disks into v3700?

Vinod Balakrishnan
Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
Well, if you have enough resources, then you can have a RAID10.

If you haven't configured an IBM v3700 before, then look at the video and even from the GUI of your IBMv3700, it clearly guides you to configure it.

For a details about RAID10 read this too

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