Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop External Hard Drive

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I am having an issue with Seagate External storage power. It won't power up at all. What should I do?
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Get a warranty replacement.


Well, I have tons of photos I want to keep.
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For that you can use your backups.
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break the hard drive out of the enclosure.

A usb hard drive is simply a standard hard drive (SATA or IDE) inside a box with a usb SATA/IDE connection.

Just buy yourself a USB to SATA/IDE connector from ebay or amazon or similar, break the drive open and connect it to your pc/mac.

This is the type of thing you want
When i say break i actually mean carefully take the enclosure apart with tools. Just remove the outer case (don't take the actual hard drive apart)

here is a video with instructions
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Have you tried it with a different power adaptor?  All the external Seagates use a standard 12v 2A DC power supply with positive pin center.

If the power supply is good then it may just be the board controller.  As Gorilly says prise open the case to get at the SATA SMR drive inside and connect it direct.  

If the drive is at fault then data recovery may be your only option.

RMA to Seagate is an option but data recovery isn't part of the deal & they will replace with a same spec refurb or new drive.
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If you open the USB case, you'll void your warranty. If you didn't make backups for some unknown reason, then send it to a recovery agency. They usually have deals with the manufacturers so if they open the case, the warranty isn't void. So after the data recovery from the professionals, you can still get a warranty replacement.
Which OS  windows 7 or 8 or 10? and computer type? Desktop Laptop?
If you havent read the manual look into the LED lights power option page 30, apparently the LED light can be turned off?
Seagate LED lightsSeagate Dashboard User Guide
Just an observation to eliminate possible damage
Hope you didn't short it, any chance you plugged the ac in first then the cable to the drive in that order? If you plugged in the cable first then the ac in you may have caused a short in the ac power. Sometimes they spark in the power.
Also in case you didnt know try a different USB port since it wont power on till a connection is detected.

If under warranty send it back or have a techie test the power.
Refer to this FAQ
Seagate USB External drive compatibility and others such as suggested plugging it into your Router if supported. Try another computer.
Feature limitations - some USB ports may not be compatible with external hard drives.
Sector size - 512 vs Advanced format drive (4K)
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here a youtube for how to open it :

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