Problems opening attached files in or Citrix Environment


We're experiencing a strange issue in our Citrix Environment where users can't click to open attached files in Outlook.

We host a XenApp 6 farm with multiple customers using pretty much the same setup and the issue we're having is only affecting one customer. What happens is that every now and then, not every time, when they log in and start their Outlook they can't open attached files. Actually the interface doesn't even seem to acknowledge there is a attached file given you can't even click it to mark and preview it while you at the same time can click and mark the message field. If you continuesly click the attached file it usually does open but that can require anything between 2 and 30 clicks.

We've checked Citrix Policys, GPOs and the terminal servers themselves for things that distinguish this customer from all our other customers who don't have the problem. I've also tried different receiver versions with different graphical settings but haven't find anything conclusive. It does seem that when we RDP the server with the user information it always works though so somehow this is connected to the Citrix software either on the client or on the server. What's also worth noting is that when I give myself access to the customers TS servers through their published desktop it works for me every time while a collegue using the same kind of computer I do had the issue.

It does seem that they've had this issue for quite some time but it's become more apperant when they've started to but it's become more apperant when theyäve started buying new computers going to Laptops instead of using Thin Clients.

I'm pretty much baffled and I would love to hear any input on this issue so we can solve it once and for all.

Kind regards
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That's a very strange symptom.  Could it be that the Outlook's belief of the cursor position is lagging the position on the local desktop?   I've seen this happen with menu items.

Do you get any other symptoms like type ahead and/or menu selection issues?
joebilekAuthor Commented:
I've considered that too but when I click other things in Outlook the cursor is spot on. Neither have I Heard about any other issues. It's just the attachments (as far as we know) and they're quite crucial for this customer. Currently we canät deliver any new computers to them which they badly need since we canät get this working.
When I move my cursor over an attachment in Outlook 2013 I get a small pop-up with file details.  Does this work OK for you?
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joebilekAuthor Commented:
I couldn't notice anything being highlighted at all when hovering over the attached file.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
you can try deleting the user citrix profiles and check.
joebilekAuthor Commented:
This is not a one user issue. It affects anyone from a new user with a newly generated profile to old users with old profiles.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
what type of attachments you trying to open and what error you receiving?
joebilekAuthor Commented:
All attachments and no error. You just canät klick them to open them. They're visible but unclickable unless if you spam the mouse button. Then the attachment usually opens in 2-30 klicks
So when you double click on an attachment the file is pulled across the Outlook-Exchange connection, staged in a temporary file folder and then opened from that folder.

When you finally get one to open (after 30 clicks or whatever) if you then try Save As where in the file system has it loaded the file from?  Is it a network drive?  Is the network drive different for users who get the problem vs. those who don't get the problem?
joebilekAuthor Commented:
I'll have to test that and get back to you.
joebilekAuthor Commented:
Both for those it works for and those it doesn't it attempts to save in libraries\documents. In both cases no folders are included in documents.
Typically in a XenApp environment folders like this would be redirected to a network share.  Is that the case in your situation?  Do you have the full path definition for the folder?  The reason I'm asking this is because I'm wondering if the difference between working and non-working is that the redirected folders are saved to different servers.
joebilekAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure that is the case. First of all the only Place we direct folders to is our File Server where all customers have their data so if these folders were redirected they would be on the same server for all customers.

Secondly, when I use the accounts of users who have the problem and log in to them on my computer I can never recreate the problem. So, somehow, not sure how, there seems to be some Connection to the local computer.
Doesn't your second point actually prove the complete opposite?  Isn't the problem connected to the user account rather than to the local computer?

I don't know how to advise you further.  My general advice is to get a very detailed understanding of how the environment hangs together.  For example, check the detail regarding folder redirection - I think that aspect is important in this case.  Also, I wouldn't make any assumptions.  You said that the "only place we direct folders to is our file server" but that assumes there have been no mistakes made in the configuration.

After I'd got a detailed understanding of the involved moving parts of Outlook and XenApp I'd devise a Diagnostic Capture Plan to capture data to troubleshoot the problem.  This would probably involve Process Monitor, NetMon or Wireshark and other detailed diags - all a bit beyond what we can cover here.

Do you have a local troubleshooting company who could help?
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Brian MurphyIT ArchitectCommented:
Quick thought is sometimes this is GPO clash.  I read Office 2013 and if GPO uses Central Repository on the SYSVOL you could also have conflicting GPO's linked to wherever.

GPRESULTS /H results.html would tell more.

Or, I've seen where someone copies the new ADMX files to C:\WINDOWS\POLICYDEFINITIONS but not the SYSVOL.

Then, I've seen where the 2010 ADMX were copied to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions and someone at some time defined Local Policies.  Normally GPO would take precedent but not when SYSVOL has 2013 ADMX files and local policies use 2010.  It just causes problems.

Outlook on Citrix Servers is rarely Outlook.  You see odd stuff all the time when the client is deployed as 2013 but the Exchange Site is 2010.  Or Outlook 2010 and Exchange Site 2013.

Then, you have the Email Attachment Handling under Options I Trust Center

You have a lot of group policies related to Attachments.

A quick command prompt and GPRESULT /H c:\results.html file would show all policies being applied and all conflicts from top to bottom (client).

What is odd that it happens on Laptops only, not Thin Client.

Only a few items could cause this?

1. None of the dependency applications to open attachments are installed in Citrix XenApp and client redirection is disabled.
2. Maybe it has something to do with a change that happened when moving to Laptops?  Group Policy links were modified almost certainly.

See, there is no need for GPO settings on the thin clients.  But users computers on the domain are now getting new policies no telling what the impact they did not have prior.

Again, GPRESULT /H would show what policies are applying to the laptops that would not have been the case in thin client.

That is a key difference.

Should that impact a dedicated ICA session hosting Outlook? Not really, not if redirection is not used.

Citrix Policies could have changed like client mappings for USB, local drives, network drives.

The laptop probably runs Anti-Virus.

However if Outlook is hosted IN CITRIX, those local policies on laptop should not impact Citrix Outlook in a seamless session.

Something could have been changed on the Exchange Side to make certain attachments not function correctly.

Now, if it works with RDP session EVERY SINGLE TIME - that does point to a Citrix Policy Issue or client application redirection.

The test scenarios should be expanded.  Does the user get ICA Desktop or JUST OUTLOOK?

If seamless, what happens when you SAVE the file to Home Drive and launch Word as another application?  Does Word, one example or Excel have corresponding published applications or is the goal for anything in Outlook with Citrix opens using the default assigned extensions for that user?

I'm not aware of any Citrix policies that prevent attachments, unlike GPO.

In Outlook 2013, that preview Window for attachments can be disabled and considered best practice in Citrix because of the additional CPU and Memory requirements.  I always disable that under File Attachments.

If it actually shows an attachment in that column are we talking Office files like Excel, Word, PDF - normal stuff?  Or something that requires another application to open that file?

Is the file zipped?

In Citrix, Outlook 2013, I've not been able to get ZIPPED files to open straight from Outlook regardless of content.

You must save the ZIP file first, extract the files, then open.  

Do any of these emails show up under Junk filter?

Do any of these emails come from another domain or Exchange Site / Organization?

What happens if you right click on that email and Add To Trusted Senders?

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joebilekAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your different replies. We decided to try to set up a new terminal server from scratch and it currently seems to be working correctly. We're adding applications and settings one at a timje and we'll see when and if the problem resurfaces.

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