Server 2012 R2 Cals question

We have a network with 3 offices, London, LA and NY. We are replacing the servers in London and LA. Do we need to buy all the Cals in London for both servers or should the local users in either office be the basis for the number of Cals required to be purchased in either location? (NY users dont have a server currently but vpn into LA)

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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If one of the servers being replaced is the Domain Controller then everyone will need CALs, hence, you need to purchase licenses for everyone.  You also need licenses if users access a server that is being replaced.  It is wise to purchase licenses for all your users as you might become non-compliant due to user(s) accessing a server in the future that is replaced.
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
Hi, both servers being replaced are domain controllers. One in either office.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
If you are changing a DC then you should purchase CALs for all users.  In an event of a DC failure, users could be authenticated to another DC as well as a user travelling to different offices.  If upgrading a DC to a newer OS then purchase CALs for everyone.
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activateahsdAuthor Commented:
Sorry I may not have phrased my question right.
The DC in both the London and LA office are being replaced, logically my brain tells me that we should purchase CALS for all the London based users in London and all the LA based users in LA. Is that not right?
If a user accesses a server then it requires a  cal of the appropriate Version regardless of server role .
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
What I am saying is that regardless of where your users are, you should purchase a CAL for them.  Assume that one DC becomes inaccessible, users for authentication will be pointed to one of the other DCs.  Also assume users traveling between sites will authenticate to different DCs.
Unless he is using device cals...
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
User CALS, so are you saying that it doesnt matter if we purchase all the CALS in London for all the users in the organisation whether they are based in London or LA? If this is the case then presumably the reverse is true so we could purchase all the CALS in LA for both sites (where they will probably be cheaper).
Depends on your site links and bridge head config- if there is potential for a user in la to authenticate against a dC in London and/or via versa the. Yeas you need to procure Cals for ever user in your organization
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
I know i need to procure CALS for all the users,
What I want to know is - can I purchase all the CALS for every user in both London and LA in the USA (where they will be cheaper) or, are there some sort of geographical constraints which mean that for the UK based users, CALS purchased in the USA wont be valid?
No geographical constraints so buy where cheaper

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activateahsdAuthor Commented:
excellent - thats what i was hoping. Thanks very much
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
have the organization purchase the server cals they are simply a piece of paper you can allocate the as you desire as long as the # of physical users that directly or indirectly access the server is less than or equal the # of purchased cal's then you are ok.  The problem comes with Server versions .. CALS are only good for the server version or lower versions. This is were Software Assurance comes into play.
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