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Ecommerce options and opinions...

Hi guys,

As the title suggests I am currently looking at ecommerce options. I am currently using Opencart but I feel as though I am having to use too many extensions and I am constantly fighting the system to get what I want. Current / Past problems include:

* Not being able to customise product categories / layouts easily, I do know CSS and HTML and want to be able to do some customisation myself but with opencart it seems too complex and often code needs changing in multiple places, hence so many extensions exist out there.

* I did buy a theme to try to make my site look more attractive, but half of the extensions do not work with the theme, I understand why this is the case, but I guess it highlights my point above.

* I want product based shipping to be standard out of the box, so I can assign a shipping price to each item, just as you would with the price, desc etc.

* Multi product items - I want a system where if the user selects a different size item then the price reflects that item (rather than the original product price plus the additional cost to buy the large item i,e ( Price £200.00 + £50) I just want £250.00 if that item is selected. I have used an extension to correct this but again it would be nice if it was out of the box.

* SEO friendly URL's, I have used an extension for this but again id like a platform that creates better SEO.

* Multi product updates are possible through yes another extension, it downloads as a csv but multi product items are on a second sheet, it makes loading the suppliers product updates tricky as you are cross referencing between the original product on sheet 1 and any related sub products on sheet 2.

These are just a few that spring to mind. I am wondering if OpenCart is just too big for my requirement, I was wondering if other people experience similar problems and/or can recommend any smaller Ecommerce options that may fit my requirement better.

Many Thanks,
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Thank you Eirman, I shall take a look at it. Did it have product based shipping? i.e you can assign a shipping cost to each product individually?
I haven't looked into ecommerce solutions in the past 7 years or so, but last time I used Magento community edition. It's really feature-complete but a little on the complex side.

If you don't mind a subscription there are many options out there like Shopify or Squarespace. I've never used them but I hear good things.
Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your reply, I dont mind a subscription as long as the solution fits some of my issues. I shall look into shopify and squarespace

Hi deanlee17

I can't specifically answer your question.
I do know that you can have different prices/shipping costs for each customer (depending on their login)

You can trial the full product for 15 days.
Well, if anyone is new into commerce and looking to design an attractive website, then they can prefer Opencart, Prestashop and woocommerce. Apart from that, you can also prefer our customize platform.

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