does WSUS drop patches after a while?

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Hello to All

We have the latest WSUS 3.0 SP2 (for Windows 2008 R2).

We have a lot of patches that don't install with the other patches on some of our servers.


1.) We have about 10 patches in a bunch, per server, once a month. One of those patches might fail:
Does that failed patch mean it has to be install separately? Or does WSUS always recognize which patches must be installed separately?

2.) After a patch fails to install (for whatever reason), does WSUS drop those patches from next month's patching cycle? Meaning, WSUS will no longer push out those patches to the servers?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Toni UranjekConsultant/Trainer

WSUS does not push patches. Client always pulls patches.
Client will try to install failed patches and if they fail again, it will repeat the installation.

You can manually run wuauclt /detectnow to discover newly approved patches.
You can manually run wuauclt /updatenow to actually install them.


Thank you for your comment.

If a failed patch failed more than once, will WSUS eventually disregard the patch and purge it from it's database?

We have many failed patches, but after a few months it appears that WSUS no longer has them available for the server to install.

Is that WSUS normal behavior?

Also, how many times will the (server with failed patches) try to install the failed patches?

Thank you for your assistance.

Distinguished Expert 2018

WSUS won't drop patches. A server admin can however decide to hide those patches through the user interface at the server and they won't be offered any longer
If you have never manually performed Server Cleanup on WSUS, all patches should still be stored localy.

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