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I am being asked how many Domains we have and my Admin isn't here so wonder if anyone can offer guidance

Hello EE,

I have 29 forward lookup zones and under each I have a WWW host A with an IP and a (same as parent folder Host A with the same IP as above.  I have SOA, NS and MX under this one forward lookup zone as well so would this mean I have 1 as there is 1 IP or do I have to count the MX, NS and SOA?
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if you need only domains, then you dont need to include mx, ms and soa reocrds.
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Generally, a domain would align to a forward lookup zone.

However, you may have forward lookup zones for things like development, staging/user acceptance, etc.  

Also, internal zones may not be the same as Internet domains; for that, you'd need to go look up your account at your domain registrar.
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Exact and to the letter what I needed to confirm thanks!