Access and Word 2013 upgrade issue


We are going through a process of updating our desktops to Office 2013 from 2010.

We have a set of documents located on a network drive running on a Server 2008

Within an Access DB there is a word control function (below) which opens up word documents

In Word 2010 it works fine but it doesnt work in 2013.

Function Private Sub General_Letter_02_Click() is called from a form populated with data that is required to merge to a read only copy of a word letter.

The error we receive using Word 2013 is -

“You are not allowed to edit this selection because it is protected.”

The code fail on line 8 of Public Sub WordReplace(FieldName As String, DataValue As Variant)

Private Sub General_Letter_02_Click()
1.      WordOpen "xm-General Letter 02.docx"
2.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Title>", Forms![Client File]![TITLE]
3.      WordReplace "<Client_File.First>", Forms![Client File]![first]
4.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Last>", Forms![Client File]![LAST]
5.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Company>", Forms![Client File]![Company]
6.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Address1>", Forms![Client File]![Address1]
7.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Address2>", Forms![Client File]![ADDRESS2]
8.      WordReplace "<Client_File.PostTown>", Forms![Client File]![PostTown]
9.      WordReplace "<Client_File.County>", Forms![Client File]![COUNTY]
10.      WordReplace "<Client_File.PostCode>", Forms![Client File]![PostCode]
11.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Title>", Forms![Client File]![TITLE]
12.      WordReplace "<Client_File.Last>", Forms![Client File]![LAST]
13.      WordReplace "<Client_File.ClientRef>", Forms![Client File]![ClientRef]
14.      WordReplace "<user_security.first_name>", GetCurrentUserFirstName()
15.      WordReplace "<user_security.last_name>", GetCurrentUserLastName()
16.      WordReplace "<user_security.Department>", GetCurrentDepartment()
17.      WordSaveAsTemporary
18.      WordShow
End Sub

Public Sub WordOpen(FileName As String)
1.      Set Word = CreateObject("Word.Application")
2.      Word.Documents.Open ("L:\word\datasafe letters\worddocs\" & FileName)
End Sub

Public Sub WordReplace(FieldName As String, DataValue As Variant)
1.      Dim myRange As Object
2.      If (IsNull(DataValue)) Then
3.      DataValue = ""
4.      End If

5.      Set myRange = Word.ActiveDocument.Content

6.      myRange.Find.Execute FindText:=FieldName, Forward:=True ', MatchCase:=False
7.      While (myRange.Find.Found = True)
8.      myRange.Text = DataValue

9.      Set myRange = Word.ActiveDocument.Content
10.      myRange.Find.Execute FindText:=FieldName, Forward:=True ', MatchCase:=False
11.      Wend
End Sub

timb551IT ManagerAsked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Is this code a Word macro or code run from Access?

btw, use always Option Explicit..
David L. HansenCEOCommented:
As a test only, see if lowering your UAC to its lowest setting helps.
timb551IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
VB code within Access.

I will try the UAC tomorrow, thanks
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timb551IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
changing UAC didnt make a difference.
timb551IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
No help on this.  Issue still unresolved.

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timb551IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Issue not resolved but no help here.
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