Tunnel All mode in Sonicwall

What is the meaning of setting Tunnel All mode to disable in Sonicwall ? Does it mean split tunnel, ie don't route internet traffic ?

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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:

If you are referring to SonicWALL GVC (Global VPN Client) or SSL-VPN, then this means that all the traffic from the user's computer would be routed to the SonicWALL device. Split tunnel means that only connections required to go to the SonicWALL would use the VPN and all other traffic would be routed through the users laptop/desktop connection. For stronger security tunnel all mode is a better option because it ensures that all traffic is encrypted, however it also means that the location where the SonicWALL is located would be in charge of providing that bandwidth needed as well.

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
What is the difference between SonicWALL GVC (Global VPN Client) and SSL-VPN ? Tks
The difference is at the SonicWall. NetExtender is configured in the SSL VPN tab while GlobalVPN clients are configured as WAN (WLAN) GroupVPN settings under the VPN tab
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
FYI: the WAN GroupVPN has nothing to do with the WLAN. That may have been a typo by Rafael, but I don't want there to be any confusion.

The biggest difference between the SSL VPN and WAN GroupVPN is architecture, protocols used, accessibility and platform. Here are the noteworthy differences:


its more of a traditional Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPN.
• Thin Client required: Yes (GVC (Global VPN Client))
• Cross Platform Independent: No (Windows XP - 8)
• Multi-faceted Platform architecture: No (provides VPN exclusively)
• Deployment: Manual
• Configuration: Manual
• Client Updates: Manual (uninstall/re-install latest version)
• Concepts Supported: Routes, Tunnel All Mode, Connection Scripts, & Proxy Configuration
• Data Transmission: PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) - transmitted between two endpoints
• Performance: Best
• Key Features: n/a


SSL VPN (Secure Sockets Layer Virtual Private Network) VPN that can be used with a modern Web browser and does not require the installation of specialized client software on the end user's computer.
• Thin Client required: No (NetExtender & MobileConnect are optional)
• Cross Platform Independent: Yes (Windows XP - 8, Windows 10 (integrated); Mac 10.4+ (PowerPC or Intel); and Linux Fedora Core 3+, Ubuntu 7+, or OpenSUSE)
• Multi-faceted Platform architecture: Yes (provides not only VPN but also the VirtualOffice Platform)
• Deployment: Automated
• Configuration: Automated
• Client Updates: Automated
• Concepts Supported: Stand-Alone Client, Client Routes, Tunnel All Mode, Connection Scripts, & Proxy Configuration
• Data Transmission: TLS (Transport Layer Security) - transmits between the Web browser and the SSL VPN device
• Performance: Better
• Key Features: VirtualOffice Portal allows you to provide access to Web applications, client/server applications and internal network connections; its a lightweight client providing network level connectivity. The platform also includes Virtual Assist, which allows users to support customer technical issues without having to be on-site with the customer. Users can allow or invite customers to join a “queue” to receive support, then virtually assist each customer by remotely taking control of a customer’s computer to diagnose and remedy technical issues.
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