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Hello MACs Guru,

This is what a client wrote to me "Hi Neighbors,

Is there a person who could restore files that were remotely deleted from a MacBook? And if so, could you help us please. The Mac was stolen; we deleted files remotely. Three days later the police recovered and returned the Mac. But now the files are gone. The Apple store could not help. The shared backup drive was somehow disengaged, so there is no backup.

If you can help, help, please!

Does anyone has any idea how I can help? what is my starting point to see if possible helping this lady ? is there out there any MAC free coftware that can help me to recover deleted files if the hard drive has not been formatted. Also, when you delete remotely files on your MAC are totally and permanently erased or there is still a chance to retrieve them.
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Data Rescue IV can probably recover your files to an external USB drive.

There is a free downloadable demo which will give you a list of recoverable files and let you recover one file as a demonstration. Once you are convinced it will work, you can pay the fee for a key to unlock the full features of the product.

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Bill WoodCommented:
This is a long shot but if any of the files were ever sent email, then there would be a copy stored in the email program.
Bill is right. If your e-mail accounts were IMAP rather than POP3, you can recover all your e-mails just by logging back in to your account, so you don't need to waste time recovering e-mails using Data Rescue. And any attachments to those e-mails should still be on the e-mail server as well.
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You can also recover POP3 if you had set the server to not delete mail as you download them.  Even before IMAP came around, I've always set my POP3 mail clients to leave the mail on the server so I could always connect from any POP3 client I choose.

Since you asked for free recovery software, there is TestDisk and PhotoRec  Since this is free software, it is a little kludgy.  It will recover every file name entry from the file table, including older deleted files that have since been overridden by newer files.  Those will be pointing to incomplete blocks of other current files.

It makes actual data recovery a bit messy as you'll have multiple extra, and incomplete copies of the files you want under other names, and sometimes without a real name.  You will be able to recover more data, if you want to spend the time to sort through the extra bits to find portions of older deleted files.  You could technically recover more file, than the paid programs, but it will be more time consuming.

If you want easy, then you'll have to pay on OSX and the programs will ignore the extras and only let you recover the definitely recoverable full files.  Windows has many more free recovery tools.  This is probably why Apple introduced Time Machine, but it's only useful if users remember to use it.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Very good info! I don't know if she wants to recover emails. According to what she wrote my understanding is hat she is trying to recover files and pictures and documents ...I will ask ...for now thank you so much
all files stored on the mac and that were not backed up elsewhere are not recoverable,i f they have been deleted by the thief with a secure wiping software.
Try recovery software as it may work but don't hold your breath.
> The shared backup drive was somehow disengaged
How was it disengaged?
Is there a possibility it could be re-engaged to recover the files that were backed up before the disengagement?
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
a lot, a lot of new things to learn..thank you everyone.
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