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Hi All,
The following query is running slow, how can I fix it and make it run faster. Thanks
 SELECT * FROM tbl_bass_inject_output a JOIN tbl_studentid_tracking b ON a.studentid = b.student_id WHERE a.RecordID = ? AND b.trashed=? AND (b.baylor_name IS NULL OR b.baylor_name <> ?);
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Russ SuterSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
First, don't use "*"

Second, make sure any field referenced in either your join or where clause is indexed.

Without knowing more about your database schema there's not much more advice I can give.

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Agree with @Russ

Is StudentID or RecordID  the Primay Key of the table ?
If neither are I would suggest creating a NON-CLUSTERED index one each of those fields
If either of them are the Pimary keys then create the NON-Clustered index on the other as the Primary key should be the Clustered index
Agree with @Russ and @Plusone

Creating a foreign key between the columns tbl_bass_inject_output.studentid and tbl_studentid_tracking.student_id will also help. Some database engine query optimizers can produce different execution plans for cases where there is a foreign key. A foreign implies referential integrity and this means certain scans/checks are unnecessary at query execution time.

An index on the "trashed" column will also help speed things up. I have a database where we use a flag to indicate data which was "deleted". It's just a BIT column, and the index helps speed things up a great deal.
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