ASP VBScript Base64Encode Pair of Parameters the Base64Decode


I have a pair of parameters 'I=XX&U=ZZ'

I want to encrypt these and I'm using Base64Encode to do so as seen here

However currently, by VBScript looks like this -


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I would rather Base64 encode both parameters, so no 'I=XX&U=YY' instead just '.asp?XrtytdfdRgJJoIBFSestg' etc

So really there are two questions here,

Firstly how do I Base64 encode the entire query string

Secondly, how do I Base64 the whole query string using this parasites each parameter into a variable that can be used in a recordset or stored procedure?

Appreciate your thoughts and input.

Thank you
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To encode the whole string use this code:
reset.asp?<%=Base64Encode("I=" & RSPassReq.Fields.Item("ID").Value & "&U=" & RSPassReq.Fields.Item("Username").Value)%>

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I did not understand your second question
garethtnashAuthor Commented:
Thanks Chaau,

How do I read the parameters back into vbscript variables, so I can get


instead of XCFDGRYTvbvtytVBFHT

In other words i want the query string completely base64 encoded, but i want to be able to use the parameters on the receiving page..

Any thoughts?

Decode the whole string and then use your own parser to read back values using the InStr and Mid functions
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garethtnashAuthor Commented:
How ?

Any ideas?

Use the Base64Decode to decode your string, and then just some basic InStr manipulation:
decodedString = Base64Decode("XCFDGRYTvbvtytVBFHT")
I = GetSubstring("I=")
U = GetSubstring("U=")
Function GetSubstring(what)
GetSubstring = ""
pos = InStr(decodedString, what) 
var I, U
If pos > 0 Then
   pos1 = InStr(pos, decodedString, "&") 
   If pos1 < 1 Then pos1 = Len(decodedString)+1
   GetSubstring = Mid(decodedString, pos+Len(what), pos1 - pos - Len(what))
End If
End Function

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garethtnashAuthor Commented:
Superb - thank you
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