DNS Providers

Where do you experts recommend getting a quality DNS provider (and domain registrar)?  I've used Domainmonger for over 10 years, but today they let me down big time, with no support or communication whatsoever... going on 4 hours.  

I need an enterprise-grade DNS provider and registrar that has business-level SLA and 24x7 support.  I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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transfer your domain registration to any other registrar.

You've not specified what the issue Is/was.
Failed DNS, failed server returning invalid response for your domain?

Access to DNS the days is provided with the domains registration.  Make sure you have the current DNS information and on figure it with the new registrar.
The registar can be one provider while your site, mail etc. hosted by different entities.
cuiincAuthor Commented:
i'm looking for specific recommendations of other DNS providers and/or redundant DNS provider configs.  

The issue today was that, in updating our portal to the newest version of Bind, Domainmonger killed our entire zone... 100s of entries.  We were invisible to the external world for a period of 5 hours while we tried in vain to get ahold of them.  Eventually they restored the old portal, but were very uncommunicative.
Godaddy, you can use dyn.com for dns .....

Presumably, enom.com , there are many others. Define what your needs are, and en see .....

Do you get any other services from them?

Another option is you can have your own internal DNS as the master and have them or other public DNS servers configured as secondary to your master.  This way you will be in charge of your own zones.  You can then get another DNS provider to be secondary this way you will have two separate entities serving up information about your domain.
But you will be in charge of making sure that your server/s are up an operational for the public ones to be able to retrieve information from.

It seems the issue is compounded by their lack of support rather than the downtime, so look at a registrar that offers better support/responsiveness.

By transferring your registration to another registrar, you might be with them for a year or two.

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cuiincAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your suggestion.  I'm not interested in GoDaddy, but will check out ENom.  I'm interested in getting a variety of suggestions, based on experience; clearly my priority is support/responsiveness.  These are the suggestions I'm looking for.
There are a huge number of registrars. There are many DNS providers.
do you want a single entity through whom to register your domain and through whom to manage the DNS zone records, look at ICANN list of accreditted registrar that provide the services you need. ....

merely referred to two larger ones. which domain suffixes do you have may dictate .
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