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Strange situation but 5 users are sharing an Excel 2010 file (built in Excel sharing) that is located on a shared network drive but only One user's excel 2010 on PC (i7, 16gb RAM) is consistently locking up when this file stays open. I already tried repairing office 2010. I don't want to upgrade to 2013 just yet but any thoughts on why an (shared) excel file might be locking up excel on a fast computer?
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Found this url: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_xp-excel/shared-workbook-freezing/2db672bf-7149-4952-838a-197bbdfadcf9?auth=1 seems to suggest that Sharing is not a stable feature. I find this hard to believe as the feature is necessary in businesses.
You did not have to go outside of this site to gain an opinion about "Shared" workbooks!

Here is something I posted recently within another question (although many other comments from contributing "Experts" relay similar concerns):

[ http://www.experts-exchange.com/questions/28711547/how-to-share-a-workbook-with-vba-project.html#a40963702 ]
It is a widely-held premise, especially with "Experts" at this site, that there are two states of a shared workbook:

a) One that has caused data within it to be corrupted, or
b) One that has not corrupted data... yet.

That said, I have provided (read: had the misfortune to use against my better judgement) shared workbooks to my clients on a number of occasions &, although issues did occur from time-to-time, as long as regular backups of workbook files were taken (usually on an hourly basis), the amount of rework necessary in the event of corruption is kept to a minimum.

The practical usage of shared workbooks is debatable, as they can cause issues in a variety of ways, especially as the number of concurrent users increases.

However, these issues can be reduced or, at least, the frequency of their occurrence can be limited, by writing additional Visual Basic for Application code, or approaching the design of a workbook's implementation (&, hence, code) differently to single/exclusive-use workbooks.

Shared workbooks do have limitations; some of which can be overcome with alternate approaches, but without prior knowledge of exactly what your workbook is doing, it will be difficult to advise you.

Just for background reading or, perhaps for you to understand why you have the problem you described, here is a summary of what features are unavailable (in MS-Excel 2007 & MS-Excel 2010) when a workbook is shared:

[ https://support.office.com/en-ca/article/Use-a-shared-workbook-to-collaborate-49b833c0-873b-48d8-8bf2-c1c59a628534#bmshareworkbook ]

--- (Followed by text related to the other Question Asker's issue) ---

The issue you stated above is difficult to analyse without further information about how the command button is created or if/how the presentation of it is manipulated within the Visual Basic for Applications code, plus any of the actions it may perform within your workbook.

The provision of a sample workbook that includes both the button & the relevant code to demonstrate your issue would be very useful, if you can do this, please.

The resolution may simply be the choice of button (ActiveX of Form control) used, but without seeing the problem first-hand, or understanding what the problem is, then progress on your issue is probably not going to happen.
I don't want to upgrade to 2013 just yet but any thoughts on why an (shared) excel file might be locking up excel on a fast computer?

Have you checked the version (including all patches/updates applied) to the installation of MS-Excel 2010 on that PC compared with any/all of the others?

Any any Add-ins in use on that single PC that are not active on the others?
Is there any other differences in the installation of additional software?  I suspect there may be, so eliminated the potential source of the problem may be a long process.

However, does the "Shared" workbook operate 'normally' when just used by that one PC?
If not, does the situation improve if you stop sharing the workbook & return it to Exclusive-use?

Perhaps it is not the workbook at all, or perhaps it is just the content of the file that is causing a problem on that one machine or, even when a certain quantity of concurrent use is reached.


Still locking up, I will try to go the Excel 2016 route and hope that fixes the sharing aspect.

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