Read path with special characters

I am writing a script that will recall archived files by reading them but it appears that I cannot read paths or documents that contain a special character in them such as a word doc containing square brackets or en-dashes in its title.

I'm using robocopy as part of my script to bypass the windows 260 path length limitation. Perhaps I could print the path out into a txt file and read from that?

My script is included below:

Function Get-FolderItem {

    Param (
        [string[]]$Path = $PWD,
        [string[]]$Filter = '*.*',    
    Begin {
        $params = New-Object System.Collections.Arraylist
        If ($PSBoundParameters['MaxAge']) {
            $params.Add("/MaxAge:$MaxAge") | Out-Null
        If ($PSBoundParameters['MinAge']) {
            $params.Add("/MinAge:$MinAge") | Out-Null
    Process {
        ForEach ($item in $Path) {
            Try {
                $item = (Resolve-Path -LiteralPath $item -ErrorAction Stop).ProviderPath
                If (-Not (Test-Path -LiteralPath $item -Type Container -ErrorAction Stop)) {
                    Write-Warning ("{0} is not a directory and will be skipped" -f $item)
                If ($PSBoundParameters['ExcludeFile']) {
                    $Script = "robocopy `"$item`" NULL $Filter $params /XF $($ExcludeFile  -join ',')"
                } Else {
                    $Script = "robocopy `"$item`" NULL $Filter $params"
                Write-Verbose ("Scanning {0}" -f $item)
                Invoke-Expression $Script | ForEach {
                    Try {
                        If ($_.Trim() -match "^(?<Size>\d+)\s(?<Date>\S+\s\S+)\s+(?<FullName>.*)") {
                           $object = New-Object PSObject -Property @{
                                FullName = $matches.FullName
                            Write-Output $object
                            Get-Content $object.FullName -TotalCount 1 -Encoding Byte
                        } Else {
                            Write-Verbose ("Not matched: {0}" -f $_)
                    } Catch {
                        Write-Warning ("{0}" -f $_.Exception.Message)
            } Catch {
                Write-Warning ("{0}" -f $_.Exception.Message)

$1 = "\\nas\c$\fs_D0\Project_2004"

Get-FolderItem -Path $1
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Have you tried the -LiteralPath parameter for Get-Content?  I'm assuming this is where you're running into a problem.
Get-Content -LiteralPath $object.FullName -TotalCount 1 -Encoding Byte

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If that doesn't work, please provide the error message you're getting.

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vh112233Author Commented:
Hi Footech,

It worked! Thank you for the suggestion.
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