Windows 7 DNS

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit PC that I am using as a home server. I am getting ready to configure this box as a DNS server. I have looked at several options for added DNS to a Windows 7 machine, I am currently testing with MaraDNS, but I am looking for alternatives. MaraDNS may be the best solution, but it is open source and the developer has stated the last release, dated 8/28/15, will be his final.

What other options are out there for DNS on Windows 7? I don't want a solution that I will have to spend a ton of time managing and configuring. The testing I am doing with MaraDNS is using both authoritative and recursive DNS.
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Are other non windows options a consideration?
Other functionality needed, mail, web?central management?

All using Ubuntu with samba4?
gactoAuthor Commented:
I am running web thru iis and don't currently have plans to add mail but there is an outside chance I may in the future. I have not considered ubuntu, but will look at it.
There posts here that deal with ubutu samba4 AD DC setup.

There are guides online search for samba ad DC
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Anthony CarterCommented:
Honestly, if it is a home setup, and you don't mind spending a bit of money, I would get a raspberry PI, case, old phone charger, install linux, configure network and DNS, grab a network cable and plug it straight into a free port on your WiFI Router (or switch if you have one).

Lots of answers on google for: Raspberry Pi DNS server


If you need the full kit:

Here's a guide for PowerDNS:

If you "Have to" use Windows 7, then what about installing BIND directly?  See:

Download BIND for windows here:

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gactoAuthor Commented:
anthony - windows is a requirement for several reasons so it does rule out some of my options. i am looking into BIND to see if it is something that i can work with. i have read several posts on BIND but most of them seemed to indicate the system was quite onerous and difficult to work with. but i have not yet reviewed the solution to see if i agree or not.
Look at bind/Mysql backend options
Anthony CarterCommented:
Gacto:  Agreed BIND isn't the most intuitive, but it is very stable, very well documented and will do anything you need of it.

In a simple home setup it shouldn't be too difficult to set up.

There is an article here to help you:

And another one:

I use bind on our nameservers at work, slaved to 2 slaves.  We also use webmin to manage them, but it is linux.  Webmin is available for windows ( and makes DNS management very easy.  Downside, you need a webserver and perl.
gactoAuthor Commented:
anthony - i am working thru BIND today/tomorrow. hopefully i will have an udpate soon. i have been sidetracked with several other projects so i am quite delayed.
gactoAuthor Commented:
Anthony - ok I do have BIND installed but it is far from working. for the purposes of this question however that is not relevant. i will keep working with the installation to see if i can resolve the issues i have, an interesting one is the ISC BIND has disappeared from my services list completely. not sure why or how, researching that now.

look for more strings from me if i decide to move ahead with BIND over MaraDNS, because i feel like i am gonna have a ton...
Anthony CarterCommented:
No problem.  Let me know where you are at and if I can assist in any way.

Another nice guide I found:

For the windows service, that is very weird.  Anything in event viewer about that?
gactoAuthor Commented:
the service piece has been the weirdest so far. i have done a cursory search of event viewer and not found anything yet, but i am going to do a more exhaustive search soon, hopefully tonight.

i will start a new string shortly with some of the issues/problems i am having. honestly most of it is being new to the DNS world and learning the vernacular and intricacies of the process.
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