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Using Access 2010 with Windows 7.

I am a total novice with Access.

I have created a table to collect receipt information - RECEIPT.  i.e. date, autonumbering, amount, cust name, tran type, job no., charge reason, surcharge and total amount.

I have some data that can either be extracted via ODBC to Pervasive database or via data linked to existing 2010 Excel spreadsheet.
The only linkage between the two table can be the job no.  That said there is no Job number info within the RECEIPT table until the user selects the assigned Job no.  With this selection I'd like the cust name and xs value to be displayed.

For some reason when the job number is selected neither the name or the xs value is displayed.

I'm positive a super basic problem but I appreciate some assistance.

I would also like to convert total value to words - e.g. $425 - FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS ONLY appreciate thoughts on this too.

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To show the job information on the form, you would use a query as the form's RecordSource.  The query would join the receipt table to the job table.

However, if the job table is Excel, joining to it might make your query not - updateable.  Post back if you have a problem.
To answer your second question, search for 'VBA numbers to words'.  Here are a couple of articles I found that have code to do this:

They are both functions - you pass in the number, and function returns the string.  You can use it in a query, form or wherever.

Armen Stein, Access MVP
J Street Technology


Thanks, will give both a try and let you know before I close out question.

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