Multiple, Independent IIf Statements in One Expression

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Looking for a way to write multiple, INDEPENDENT iif statements in one expression (in a text box).
Example: IIf(Field1 = x, "1", "2") OR IIf(Field2 = x, "3", "4")  OR IIf(Field3 = x, "5", "6")...

Comparing 3 different and unrelated fields.
All three statements could be true, in which case the result would look like: 135

Heading for dreamtime now; imagining a better solution out there.
Thank you all in advance.
Will return in AM.

Health ~ Jacob
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You could concatenate the multiple iifs like so:

IIf(Field1 = x, "1", "2") & IIf(Field2 = x, "3", "4")  & IIf(Field3 = x, "5", "6")


Nothing like elegant simplicity.

Thank you ~ Jacob

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