I'm trying to write an application which uses a lot of storage, as such I want to offload the storage onto a different controller (such as a QNAP or NAS). I want to secure the access between the 2 (as its going over the internet), so looking at using FTPES, however cant find any examples of using FTPES with PHP.

I know I can use FTPS (which is basically FTP over SSH), however the storage controller Im looking at using (QNAP, or D-Link) only allows SSH on the main admin account, so have access to everything and I cant limit the access, which obviously isnt great. I was thinking of using HTTPS requests as a PHP web service, but this seems a bit overkill if I can use FTPES.

Does anyone have any experience of using FTPES with PHP, or any examples?
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You are mixing it up.
FTPS IS what you need. You said FTPS is FTP over SSH, but it's SSH over FTP, and therefore SFTP what you CAN'T use)
You are clearly looking for FTPS code in PHP which is here:

What FTPES is, is just FTPS but in Explicit mode (which the function does by default)

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tonelm54Author Commented:
But isnt FTPS now considered deprecated?

Looking at the above link, it says I should be using FTPES then surely?
Ray PaseurCommented:
When you say "a lot of storage" how much are you talking about and what kind of access patterns do you need?  Just trying to understand the application well enough to know if / why there is a reason to not use HTTP(s).
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FTPES is what you want to be using. But FTPES _IS_ FTPS in Explicit mode. You still seem to be mixing up all the protocols and abbrevations up.
It's only deprecated if both client and server are dying out.
The PHP page I posted was still meant for PHP5
FTPS is still supported, even on the page you've shown, but also in many others (Filezilla Server).
Ray PaseurCommented:
Quoting Cerberus: "None of the major web browsers support FTPS."  But I don't think anyone would be building an app that uses FTP and a web browser -- that's not how we do things.  There may be some more we can learn about the application, but for my "default" assumptions, I'd start with a baseline PHP web application that uses RESTful requests and returns JSON strings.  These technologies make for easy programming and debugging, and can handle fairly sizable workloads.
tonelm54Author Commented:
Good afternoon Ray,
Currently Im using Microsoft Access, and the data storage behind it is 1.5Tb. When I convert it to PHP there will be more data imported into it (as it will be able to do more), so I would guess it will be over 2Tb in size, although the QNAP I have available has 27Tb available to me :-)
Ray PaseurCommented:
How much and how often will you be transferring?  Pretty sure it won't be the whole 2TB ;-)
tonelm54Author Commented:
The data is constantly being accessed, but not the whole 2Tb, its users going in and out of tickets, pulling out emails, watching screen recordings etc. Its a help-desk system, however each ticket/note has a folder where the user stores screen recordings, emails etc. And also there is an asset management system in it, which also stores snapshot images of users mailboxes and computers which are kept for several months before being deleted.

Currently its 1.5Tb, which is made up of 51,014 Files over 63,050 Folders :-S, and thats only the last 12 months of data.
tonelm54Author Commented:
I actually went down the route of using a PHP web service instead, which actually workks really well

Thank you for your assistance in this :-)
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