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Juniper SRX begining setup

Greetings Experts,

I'm transitioning from Juniper SSG to SRX and it's a little different.  I have a new SRX 210 where I was able to do the basic configuration via the GUI and get the Internet working.

I need to get mail to pass to my exchange server.  I only have one Static IP which the Juniper is using.

What I did was add an address to the address book to the Internal zone.  Problem is when I put in the IP it comes up with the wrong subnet.  I inherited this network / 24.  Juniper = and server =  When I add the address to the address book, it comes up / 32.  I try to change it to /24, but get an error when committing.

So I added the rules via the wizard and can see them when I go to policy.  internet - new internal address.  Permit junos-mail.
Internet is working, mail is not routing.  Any idea?  Can this be done via the gui or do I need to learn the cli?  I usually use Telnet for the ssg, but this is slightly different.

Any help would be most appreciated,
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Kacey Fern
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I was able to add the subnet in the address book, but see config below.  my firewall ip is correct, but when I put in the server it keeps going to /32:

ge-0/0/1 {
        unit 0 {
            family inet {
 zones {
        security-zone Internal {
            address-book {
                address Local;
                address MAIL;
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Did you add MAIL as a /24 or whatever?

Next you will need to create a security policy between zones that will allow traffic to pass.

harbor235 ;}
Hi Harbor, thanks for the reply,

Yes, I put /24 in when I did mail and it fails.  So it won't let me put it in that way.  I even went into the config and manually made the change and it failed once I hit commit.  When I add the ip it manually puts in the /32.

I added the policy, but fear that due to the subnet being wrong, it is not passing the traffic.
oh, because you already have an entry for the network, all other entries are host specific and would be /32s.

harbor235 ;-}
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