How can I pass an argument to a function called by the switchboard "run code" option?

I'm trying to streamline code by using just one function with arguments that I call from the Microsoft Access 2010 switchboard. I get an error and it appears that the "run code" option doesn't understand arguments.  Thanks!!
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
I rarely use those Macro commands, so there may now be a way to pass arguments.

I would just use VBA Functions, where augments are part of the syntax.

Function CalcTotal(Quant as long, Price As Currency) as Currency
End Function

...and you call it like this:

But you may have to give us the full details of exactly what you are doing...

Lets see what others may post in case I am misunderstanding something here...
pabrannPresidentAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the information. What you are suggesting is exactly what I'm trying. The issue is that I'm trying to call the function through the switchboard manager. In the "Switchboard Items" table I have the command item set to "8" which is supposed to run code. The Argument field I have set to the function name "Open_Orders_Regular(me!txtOrderType)".

The Switchboard functionality will not let me send the paramater "me!txtOrderType".  It works fine without trying to send a paramater.
The switchboard is very generic.  I also don't use it to run code.  What you might be able to do is to create your own general function and run that from the switchboard.  Your own function can then run the specific function and pass in arguments.

Also, you can actually modify the switchboard (at least the old one that used code rather than macros).  I use a modified version.  I increased the number of buttons from 8 to 12 because 8 is simply not enough.  I also added a couple of options such as the ability to open a form in DS view.  What you give up when you modify the switchboard is the ability to use the wizard to add rows past 8 or use your custom actions.  In some cases you can get around it by simply adding the item and choosing a standard function and then opening the Switchboard Items table an changing it.  I also wrote my own version of the switchboard wizard.

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pabrannPresidentAuthor Commented:
That's what I needed, thank you very much!
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