SSIS MySQL and a Date column

Hello Experts Exchange
I am writing a SSIS package that transfers data from MySQL into Microsoft SQL Server, I have a problem with a date field.

This is my MySQL Query to get the data;
SELECT o.order_date as Date,  
'' as 'Open Acc PO No',
concat(cast(o.locid as char),'-', date_format(order_date,'%m%d'),'-',cast(o.ordid as char)) as 'Cybertill PO No', 
'' as 'Retail Stores Dispatch Date',
s.sup_name as Supplier, 
i.itemref as 'Product Code',
Replace(Replace(Replace(i.item_name, "&", "&"), """, """"), "£", "£") as Description,
Replace(Replace(Replace(ifnull(cat2.catName,''), "&", "&"), """, """"), "£", "£") as 'Category 2',
Replace(Replace(Replace(ifnull(cat3.catName,''), "&", "&"), """, """"), "£", "£") as 'Category 3',
Replace(Replace(Replace(ifnull(cat4.catName,''), "&", "&"), """, """"), "£", "£") as 'Category 4',
pi.qty_ordered as 'Qty Ordered',
pi.qty_delivered as 'Qty Delivered',
pi.qty_ordered - pi.qty_delivered as 'Qty Outstanding',
o.dateby as 'Due Date',     
date(o.del_date) as 'Delivery Date'
FROM `pdsa_classic`.`pop_order` as o inner join `pdsa_classic`.`sup_main` as s on s.supid = o.supid 
inner join `pdsa_classic`.`pop_items` as pi on pi.ordid = o.ordid inner join `pdsa_classic`.`stk_item` as i 
on i.itemid = pi.itemid inner join stk_products as p on p.prodID = i.prodID 
left outer join stk_cat as cat1 on cat1.catID = cast((mid(category,length(substring_index(category,'.',1))+2,length(substring_index(category,'.',2))-length(substring_index(category,'.',1))-1)) as decimal) 
left outer join stk_cat as cat2 on cat2.catID = cast((mid(category,length(substring_index(category,'.',2))+2,length(substring_index(category,'.',3))-length(substring_index(category,'.',2))-1)) as decimal) 
left outer join stk_cat as cat3 on cat3.catID = cast((mid(category,length(substring_index(category,'.',3))+2,length(substring_index(category,'.',4))-length(substring_index(category,'.',3))-1)) as decimal) 
left outer join stk_cat as cat4 on cat4.catID = cast((mid(category,length(substring_index(category,'.',4))+2,length(substring_index(category,'.',5))-length(substring_index(category,'.',4))-1)) as decimal) 
inner join data_vat as v on v.ID = p.vatID 
where date(o.order_date) >= '"+str(lnYear)+"-01-01' 
and o.status <> 'void' 
and o.status <> 'pending'
and o.status <> 'complete'
and pi.qty_ordered-pi.qty_delivered >0 
order by o.order_date, o.ordid, i.itemref

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When I preview the data the date field called 'Delivery Date' has data in some fields and some fields that say "<Error displaying this cell>".

When I remove the 'Delivery Date' from the SQL script the package works fine.

Is there a way I can change my SQL Script to set  "<Error displaying this cell>" to a default date?  Or is there another process I can add to the SSIS package to set a default date for the error fields?


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Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
what's the date format for o.del_date? is it a char field?

you can try either...

IF ( STR_TO_DATE(o.del_date, '%d/%m/%Y') IS  NULL  , NULL  ,  date(o.del_date) ) as 'Delivery Date'

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replace the second "NULL" to a default date you want when necessary

STR_TO_DATE(o.del_date, '%d/%m/%Y') as 'Delivery Date'

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replace the %d/%m/%Y with the actual format accordingly.
SQLSearcherAuthor Commented:
Hello Ryan Chong
None of your suggestions have worked the o.del_date is a date field, but has the following data when a delivery has not been made.

01/01/0001 00:00:00


Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
ok, try this...
IF(DATE_FORMAT(date(o.del_date),'%d/%m/%Y')='01/01/2001', date(Now()), o.del_date) as 'Delivery Date'

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SQLSearcherAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help, the SQL I end up with is;

IF(o.del_date,date_format(o.del_date, '%d/%m/%Y'),NULL) as 'Delivery Date'


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