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Crystal Report graph


On the second data axis, I'm trying to use the running total parameter called {#Efficiency Week Total}.  It's not available for use.  The value in the 3-15 week should be 0.38 as it is in the subreport below.  If running totals are not available for use in a graph, how else can I accomplish this?

Thanks for your help.  I've attached the files.  The main report is the one that ends in EE.

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Mike McCracken

Change the chart to use Distinct COunt on the Engineer field.

By counting your COuntEngineers summary it is always the same value for a week.

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mlmcc, I'm sorry but I had since edited the question.  could you take another look?
Try using this formula

Sum ({@Total Hours}, {tblRevisions.CheckerComplete}, "weekly") / 40 / DistinctCount ({tblRevisions.Engineer}, {tblRevisions.CheckerComplete}, "weekly")

It's not working.  Part of the formula that is not working is this:

DistinctCount ({tblRevisions.Engineer}, {tblRevisions.CheckerComplete}, "weekly")

It returns a value of 1 for each week in the chart.  The values should be like 6 or 7 or 8.
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You were right, it was the grouping.  The final fix was to make a subreport for the chart, delete the first grouping by engineer, and change the formula to this:

Sum ({@Total Hours}, {tblRevisions.CheckerComplete}, "weekly") / (40 * DistinctCount ({tblRevisions.Engineer}, {tblRevisions.CheckerComplete}, "weekly"))

Thanks for your help!