Openfiler: network driver install

Hi experts,

I have an Openfiler 2.99.1 and need to renew it's network driver to the downloaded one.
Unfortunately make command show me the error:

src]# make install
Makefile:121: *** Compiler not found.  Stop.
At the same time I can't fix compiler as the OS doesn't have yum or rpm.
Conary also fails as it can't reach it's repo

conary updateall
Error occurred opening repository Connection timed out

Need your help to update my network driver!
Thanks in advance!

Dmitry ErmoshinAsked:
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rPath (the OS) doesn't use yum, rpm, apt, etc... it uses conary as the package manager.

So, first step is to figure out why you can't reach

From here ( assuming the URL is correct) that page doesn't open for me either. So, that's the first problem.

According to this:, rpath distros have effectively ceased to exist, which means, unless there is a mirror you can use, your NAS is effectively frozen in time.

I haven't used rPath based distros with conary in five years (at least) so ... given the fact that your URL and are both dead (at least from here) I would say that there is very little hope of you doing what you want without reinstalling openfiler with a different distro... or downloading a new copy from them

or... *sudder* paying for support from them.
Dmitry ErmoshinAuthor Commented:
Exactly my thoughts that I have in a background while investigated my issue and faced that wiki article.
Nevertheless probably someone solved the same and can share his experience..
Or may be the working rpath mirror site?
Or openfiler with fresh intel network card (e1000e) driver?  ))

The problem with rPath is it wasn't really open source and compiling your own code on it was frowned upon, and therefore, they didn't make it easy (or perhaps even allow it at all).

I'm a dCAP, and for a while our firm sold Asterisk Business Edition, which used rPath. The reason Digium chose that distro was that it was regression tested and capable of producing a reliable appliance.

It was capable of doing so because you weren't able to compile your own stuff. You had to rely on the conary repos.

I doubt you'll be able to do what you want. Additionally, I think I actually had the same network driver issue you're facing with an Asterisk Business Edition box. If I remember correctly, our solution was to just use a different network card - or perhaps we used a different server. (We tend to use HP Proliant Servers, and I think the e1000 was on an Intel server we had).

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Dmitry ErmoshinAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Michael!)

And probably in my case I will follow your advice and try to use a different card as the simple driver installation happen to be nearly impossible..)
The last option would be migration to FreeNAS or similar but I'd really prefer to avoid it.

I appreciate you shared the experience!

Best regards,
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