Remove TAB character from SQL statement in ColdFusion 11 JDBC

In my coldfusion code, I have a standard cfquery statement with properly formatted SQL.  This segment of code is tabbed (indented) in my page to make the code more readable.  It seems that coldfusion is passing those TAB characters along in the SQL statement.  This is not a problem via ODBC, but it causes a problem with the same database's JDBC driver.  Is there a way to prevent  or filter out the TAB charaters prior to passing the SQL to the database?
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Can I ask why you think tabs are the issue? I use tabs in jdbc queries all the time and haven't had any problems with it, ie

<cfquery ....>
{tab}FROM {tab}  TABLE_NAME
{tab}WHERE{tab}COLUMN_NAME = 1  

filter out the TAB charaters prior to passing the SQL to the database?

If the tabs are part of the source code (like the example above), you must do a find/replace in your IDE.  If they're contained within a variable string, you can use the replace() function, ie

                 <!-- replace tabs chr(9) with blank space chr(32) --->
                 <cfset newText = replace( oldText, chr(9), chr(32), "all")>
paragonfoodsAuthor Commented:
I find that tabs are the issue given that, when removed, the query works fine.  I was hoping to use some sort of wrapper/filter to remove the tabs when the query is passed so I can keep the page indentations/formatting easily readable.  I may just need to replace the tab character with the equivalent # of spaces, as these do not cause a problem.
AFAIK, there's no extra "filtering" options for cfquery. CF simply evaluates whatever text is within the tags and sends it to the db. The best you could do is use a regex find/replace on the source, assuming your IDE offers that option.

Out of curiosity, what db are you using? I'm curious because I've always used tabs and it's never caused problems with sql server+jdbc.
paragonfoodsAuthor Commented:
It's an older non-transactional database called DB/C FS.  The ODBC driver works fine with my code as-is, but the JDBC driver is not liking the tabs.  I think a JDBC wrapper that can reformat the SQL between CF and the DB is my next direction...
Ah, that explains it.  

> a JDBC wrapper that can reformat the SQL between CF and the DB is my next direction.

I had a brief look around, but couldn't find their drivers. Guess they're propertietary? Anyway, not sure how their JDBC driver is implemented, but I imagine wrapping the methods of their Connection class, like Connection.prepareStatement, might work.  Though obviously it'd require creating a custom driver jar.

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