Sonicwall Global VPN no network access

Hello all~

I could use some advice from someone with experience troubleshooting Sonicwall Global VPN clients.  I ran the wizard and everything seemed to go fine but for whatever reason the clients cannot access anything on the inside of the network.  They connect fine, draw an address from our DHCP server fine but cant even ping anything on the network.  I have split tunnels enabled, I still have internet access its just the network resources that can't be accessed... Kinda defeats the purpose of the VPN if I can't sort this out.  I have looked at the firewall rules, which is not my forte at all but they all look correct from everything I have read on the topic.  If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.  Thanks in advance.
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plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
Sorry forgot to add that this is a Sonicwall TZ210 with the latest version of SonicOS Enhanced.  Thanks.
Support EngineerCommented:
the ip's assigned to the Remote clients are on the same or different subnets?
plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
They are on the same, correct subnet. They are coming from our internal DHCP server so they are from the same pool as all of the LAN objects.
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Support EngineerCommented:
the devices you are attempting to ping are pingable? what does the topology look like? is there a router in between? (Remote client)---(Internet)----(Sonicwall)----(corp. network)
plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
Yes they are pingable they are servers. And yes topology is remote client-Internet-router-firewall-LAN
Support EngineerCommented:
Im sorry for asking the ping question its just that newer server OS's disable ping by default. do you have the static routes configured for the remote connections to the routers inside interface?
plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
We don't have any static routes configured.  Never had to in the past.  The VPN worked fine last spring but we had to rebuild the sonicwall configuration this fall and something is amok now.  Thanks
Support EngineerCommented:
Ive usually configured the remote users on a separate subnet from the corp. but access is granted through this:

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plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
Now that's just maddening. I am sure that's the problem, both users have LAN interface IP rather than subnet. I've looked at that so much over the last two days I think I was just looking past it taking for granted that it's correct. I'll check it out and record points accordingly! Thanks!
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi plainsschools,

It sounds like you are on the right track for resolution but I wanted to add there are a few different ways to setup Access or Routes for GVC users. Regardless, if you have setup SSO/LDAP or you are just creating users within the SonicWALL you should assign VPN Access via Groups (Users > Local Group). This provides a better ability to manage users much like you do in AD DS. I'd setup a few groups based on required access. Maybe some users should only be allowed to go to specific servers and other may need to access more than one subnet or all the subnets (Firewalled Subnets). Then if some users don't fit into any Group which always happens either create a group for randoms or put them in the most likely and then assign their user account the access they specifically need. In a scenario where you have assigned a Group access and then assigned a user access the two permission levels will be merged. To grant a user explicit access you'll go to the Users > Local Users tab.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comments, ParkPlace was on the money as far as the solution, it's irritating that I overlooked that. Anyway, points will be assigned.


Thank you again for your comments, they are always appreciated. That is actually how I have it set up although right now we only have 2 users, we may add more later and need further grouping. But thank you for your input!
plainsschoolsAuthor Commented:
Exactly the problem for us!
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